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  1. I’d rather keep Davis than the likes of Rojas, Wong and all the other garbage pitchers we haven’t DFA’d yet.
  2. I thought the general consensus was keep pitchers in double A and promote them when they are ready from there. Has this changed because of the Covid protocols needing promotions from TripeA or has the level of competition in TripleA increased because of less minor league teams?
  3. I’m ready for Marsh to lead-off. Has a .320. OBP with the ability to steal and be a menace on the base paths. Keep Fletcher hitting 2nd and move Ohtani to 3rd. 2022 line-up Marsh Fletcher Ohtani Trout Walsh Rendon Upton/Adell Stassi FA SS
  4. I’m sure it’s been shared below but what’s Kyle Tyler’s stuff play like? Is he a starter or reliever?
  5. At least we know we won’t have to hold a 40man spot in the off-season for this garbage.
  6. His curve is beautiful but I’m quite surprised in how well his slider seems to be working. Next step is to improve on that change-up and ride his fastball lower in the zone.
  7. Adell seems to have learned how to shorten up and make contact. Much more controlled than last year.
  8. Detmers pitching a solid game. He seems to have better control of his breaking pitches within the strike zone, than his fastball. When they don’t break, they get hit.
  9. Does Stefanic have to be added to the 40man roster or risk being exposed to rule5 next year? Just like Marsh, this is a good opportunity to see if he can be starter or at least a viable backup for next year.
  10. If it means we could keep Trout healthier during the back half of his career, I’d rather keep Marsh and not trade him. He might not be hitting now but he brings value on defense and despite his average has a 13% BB rate. Adell looks to have improved his defense overall (low bar) but cannot play center. If something like Adams and Jackson gets us Meyer, then sure, but I believe it would take quite a bit more.
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