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  1. It seems Theo Epstein just may be a free of his duties with the Cubs as soon as this winter. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/cubs-president-theo-epstein-to-discuss-future-with-team-no-extension-expected-per-report/ When the 2 sides meet as planned, there's the possible outcome of either him playing out his contract through next season, or opting out this winter. I get that we have a president of the team who's been in place for awhile. I get that its a big if, but we can dream a bit of the possibilities, eh?
  2. So whats the scoop on his signing, is there an update? I suppose they haven't planned on having him on the 60 man squad, since it looks like he hasn't signed.
  3. 333 greginpsca 328 Junkballer 323 Capital_Dave 317 Slegnaac 316 Taylor 315 AO 302 joeybaseball 299 AD&B 295 JAHV76
  4. This stands out to me IMHO. Eppler wants to keep his job, and if he (or even along with Arte) saw Ausmus as the wrong guy going forward, and not what he thought Ausmus could be, getting a shiny new respected manager with savvy and experience would become an obvious choice.
  5. Mr. Shockley started a business with Morris Nettles selling date books to hermits
  6. Wow- hey is that the first time Dan Osinski has been named on Angelswin? What a memory you have. Good pitcher from some bad ancient Angels teams...
  7. Doesn't Pujols have another 10 years of contract with the Angels after his playing days are over? Like as an exec or in management? If thats true, I think he may retire sooner than his playing years suppose to go, and start his 10 year after-playing-days position offered by the Angels- therefore I would vote for A, since thats the closest to this scenario, with, but the understanding that he would then start his new position.
  8. So I'm curious. Correct me if I'm wrong, but It appears the Angels signed 29 of 40 2017 draft picks. How does this signage compare to the rest of the MLB teams this year? Is this a high percentage of signees, low, middle of the pack? Any place to find this info?
  9. I remember watching an Angels game way back when and he played all 9 positions. There was also a game where he stole second base, and then stole back first base. The catcher didn't know what to do about that, or where to throw. If I recall correctly (maybe I don't, but), the umps talked, and realized there was no rule against it, so the play stood. I wonder if they ever created a rule against that. Anyways, i liked him when he played for the Angels, he was always smiling and laughing then.
  10. Thank you Jeff! Its nice to get a first hand take on our guys thats fresh from a local writer.
  11. Jered is worth more to the club than just stats.His presence on the team gives others a winning-never-give-up attitude that can be infectious. He's a warrior. His second half had many better games than the first, when his fastball ticked up a notch. How could it be bad to give him an incentive -laid contract?
  12. Maybe this is old news, but I found an old video of a 1972 Angel-Brewers ballgame.Dick Enberg is the announcer, great to hear him doing an Angel game again (as he was their play by play announcer in the 70's). Also interesting to hear him talk about how Brewer first baseman George Scott coined the term "dinger", after others started using his first term for home runs, which was "taters". Also found an old 1972 Angel-Yankee game. Great watch if you're interested. Hope its kosher to use the url below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzC1_lJfLJ0&index=80&list=PLtcoppO4mc8v_n-D
  13. The Angels have little history of being sellers, holding on to pieces even when the teams were bad. With the way the FO unfortunately makes decisions that fly in the face of baseball logic, I'd be very surprised if they did anything much that would give us reason to call them "sellers" this summer.
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