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  1. Trust me, the panic over Covid will magically start to subside after Nov. Spring training should be fairly normal...that’s if the Wackos didn’t burn down the stadiums before then.
  2. Lol, that’s like calling Biden Presidential on the flip side.
  3. This team is absolutely embarrassing. What a horrible cast of characters.
  4. Joe dreams about his whiney bedroom eyes while shacking up in his perv van.
  5. You could actually start with Carpino. That dude wields more power than anyone on this board realizes. He is plain and simple an ad exec and has NO business helping run an MLB team at the level he has been operating in. It’s beyond me that nobody brings this fuckers name up as a black hole in the system.
  6. Stradling- I was going to knock your usual arrogance, but on this one, I have to agree.
  7. Liberalism is a mental illness.
  8. Yes, but Clev is looking for someone that can actually hit....and field for that matter.
  9. Absolutely agree! Think he bought into his future greatness a bit too much! We’ll, he’s getting knocked down a few rungs...hope it has an effect.
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