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  1. That’s a predictable response. I respect your take Stradling, good for you.
  2. Wake up Stradling. Apparently your cushy gig at in n out has shielded you from the sad ugly reality that often takes place in the real world, especially when $$, power and agenda is involved. Also, how in hell do you think this child Luba is an agent in the first place? Really think she got there from her savvy and superior intelligence? Have you watched her Momentum vids? Read any of her dribble? Her star client calls her Chalupa for gods sakes... Yes, that’s sure to instill confidence and any measure of respect that you would want a real GM to have in your agent. But hey, it probably
  3. Furthermore, it would be interesting to see if these “accusers” have any connection to Luba et al as I’ve already noticed that that the two reporters certainly do and not only from a reporter/agent prospective. If somehow Bauer miraculously signs with the Angels, then there is definitely something up. Don’t put it past those fuckers.
  4. My god, truer words have never been spoken about some of the Beta dweebs on this site!
  5. You mean on the Santa Ana River trail encampment? Didn’t know that went so far north to Doyer stadium?
  6. Yeah, although two of those were spent at Dartmouth.
  7. Winner winner, chicken dinner of the first beta simp award! oh yeah, not sure what qualifies as “more successful” but If it’s $$ you are referring too, I think I got her beat by a long shot!...and I’m absolutely sure you as well.
  8. lol...this chick truly is a class A bimbo! Stopped counting the amount of times she said “Like” in that vid. ...What a dolt! oh yeah, not saying I wouldn’t have me some of that! ...okay beta simps, be her hero now!
  9. At least she’s a good match for 90% of the soy boy millennial Ivy League simp GM’s that fill front offices these days. She really does come off like a privileged bimbo regardless of her education. Dime a dozen as JD’s seemingly role off assembly lines these days,
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