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  1. The use of biologics for the elbow: a critical analysis review. Dragoo JL1, Meadows MC2. Author information Abstract There is significant interest in biologic treatment options to improve the healing environment and more rapidly decrease symptoms in many conditions around the elbow. Despite fairly widespread use of biologic agents such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in the elbow..........
  2. Kyren Paris didn't look over matched against AA pitcher chucking 96. He doesn't look 18 years old or only 165 pounds either. Better understand now why they gave up Will Wilson.
  3. There's a paragraph about him at bottom of topic/article on Barria losing 14 pounds.... "months away from pitching in games" Sounds like Barria is in best shape of his life....T.J. omen?
  4. Looked at recent list of top 25 pitchers. 17 drafted in 1st round, 2 in 4th round, 1 in 7th, 8th and 9th rounds and 3 were international signings.
  5. The rule says player has to be on teams roster the entire season to be eligible for QO. Since off season and spring training are not part of regular season would guess player has to be traded before opening day.
  6. Option 2 but switch Ward for Rengifo since Tigers signed Schoop to play 2B. Tigers don't really have a 3B so possibly Ward could fill that hole. Probably Ward's not enough for Boyd so add William Holmes (from Detroit). See Rengifo replacing LaStella in 2021 and as 2020 infield depth stashed at in AAA in 2020. Boyd's another Bundy/Teheran but pushes Sandoval to AAA as needed depth Ohtani, Boyd, Bundy, Heaney, Teheran and Canning as rotation.
  7. Eppler was hired October 1st so had plenty of time to become synched with existing staff and draft candidates. Dakota Hudson pitched for Missisippi State and Shane Bieber for UCal Santa Barbara...not cold weather schools. They both should have been on Dipoto's staffs radar anyways as potential high draft picks.
  8. Staying on Eppler (5 of the 8 you list are Dipoto signings), Canning (2017 draft) was a good draft pick and maybe Aaron Hernandez (2018 draft) will develop into a quality starting pitcher. Sandoval and Buttrey were good trades. I could argue Eppler wifted in the 2016 draft on pitching choosing Thaiss and Noni Willams in 1st and 3rd rounds over say Dakota Hudson or Shane Bieber, but if CRod and/or Jose Soriano (signed by Eppler in March of 2016) develop into solid mid-rotation plus pitchers, it would make the draft/signings a strong one. Could be even better draft if Thaiss develops into solid 1B and Marsh as solid OF. It's too early to judge 2017, 18 and 19 drafts for pitching. If Jack Kochanowicz develops into top of rotation arm, that alone would legitimize 2019 draft.
  9. I'm amazed that Simmons is close to Ripken and Troy Tulowitski in size. Simmons is 6'-2" /195, Ripken 6'-4" /210 and Tulo 6'-3" /205. Agree re Simmons. He came back too soon from a severe ankle injury and was never totally healthy. Looking for him to have a good year offensively and defensively. Rendon at 3B is going to make Simmons even better at SS and push him down the order where he should be.
  10. But think where the Angels would be in 2020 if they took Dakota Hudson vs Thaiss (some mock drafts had them choosing Hudson) and Bieber vs Nonie?
  11. Have to also question 2016 drafting of Thaiss (yes they saved $'s to use later on Marsh) but they passed on Jesus Lazardo, Pete Alonzo, Gaven Lux, Eric Lauer, Carter Kieboom, Dakota Hudson, Will Smith and Shane Bieber. Bieber hurts the worst considering he played high school and college baseball in Angels backyard and Angels used 3rd round pick on Nonie Willams. Understand draft can be real crapshoot (Trout and Adell as examples the Angels won on) but come on, Nonie Williams vs. Shane Bieber when they needed pitching???