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Angels sign Jose Quintana (1 year, $8 million)
Quintana pitched just games in 2020, but he has a career 3.73 and he's reunited with former Cubs manager Joe Maddon.

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Where do we go from here?
I admit, seeing Musgrove come off the board was the first instance this offseason that I started to let worry creep in. In a perfect world, Darvish and Musgrove would have been the two targets I felt were the best targets for the Angels, in my mind.Bauer obviously looms large - and with more teams filling their pitching needs while he remains a free agent, chances are improving that he winds up with the Angels. 

As it stands, I still see a few different routes the Angels can take and still come out of this offseason in great shape. 

Option 1: Trevor Bauer
This scenario banks heavily on internal improvement, which is something Minasian has emphasized this offseason. There's a very real chance that if the Angels can afford Trevor Bauer, he'll use up all of their remaining money available, and even if he's the lone addition to the rotation this winter, would it really be so bad? Bauer, Bundy, Heaney, Canning, Barria/Sandoval/Detmers, with Ohtani once a week could be competitive if the youngsters keep improving and folks stay healthy. I'd assume the Angels would still add a cheap RP or two (think Tepera, Kintzler) perhaps a platoon-level RF (Duvall, Naquin, Pillar, Souza, Goodwin) and call it a day. Save all the prospects.

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AngelsWin.com's Los Angeles Angels 2021 Top-30 Prospects
By the AngelsWin.com Prospect Posse

(Angelsjunky, Chuck, Dave Saltzer, Dochalo, Ettin, Inside Pitch, Rafibomb, Second Base, and totdprods)

One of the great, largely unspoken, tragedies of the 2020 baseball season was the lack of minor league games, which not only led to a lost year of development (for the most part), but the rushing of the Angels’ top prospect, Jo Adell, to the major leagues, where he looked raw and overmatched, to put it charitably. In terms of compiling a prospects list, it is hard to assess many of the Angels most talented prospects because a lot of them have had little to no professional experience. That said, most of them spent time at the Long Beach summer camp and were still able to work on their skills, so the year wasn’t totally a loss.

Looking at the list, you’ll find that the farm includes a variety of dynamic players. It is strong in two areas: One, it has plenty of athletic, talented outfielders in Adell, Marsh, Adams, Calabrese, Ramirez, Knowles, and Deveaux, as well as the very young and unranked Jose Reyes. Two, it has plenty of high upside—but very young--middle infielders in Jackson, Paris, Vera, Blakely, Bonilla, and Placencia. We should also mention the recently signed 16-year-old Dominican infielder, Denzer Guzman.

Sprinkled in between are a few exciting pitching prospects in Rodriguez, Detmers and Kochanowicz, and several more who plan to figure in the Angels pitching staff at some point in the not-too-distant future as either back-end starters or relievers: Yan, Rivera, Naughton, Ortega, Hernandez, Pina, Aquino, Seminaris, and Daniel. It even has one two-way player in Holmes, and a second just missing the cut in Erik Rivera. Finally, there are a few players whose most likely path to the majors is as a bench player in Jones, Martinez, and Soto. Oh yeah, Maitan’s still hanging around. There are no catchers on this list.

Full Story
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Angels linked to Tomoyuki Sugano, deadline is 1/7 (update: stays in NPB)
Since Passan confirmed the connection in his article, and a decision is expected to be imminent, I figured it was time to start a thread.  Sounds like he is returning to Japan and trying again next year if he doesn't get the offer he wants, which doesn't appear to be happening lately.  If this is the case and all it is coming down to is money, Arte had better the hell be willing to meet his demands, as this would be our easiest path to getting a significant rotation upgrade.  Refusing to do so would be negligent. 
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When will Bauer sign?
Get the popcorn ready.
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A case against Trevor Bauer (and why he may be overrated)
So I crunched some numbers, in a similar formula that I used for my top 20ish position players article awhile back. This time I added up 2019-20 fWAR and RA9-WAR, and divided the total by 2.8. The idea is that fWAR represents stuff (as it is FIP-based), and RA9-WAR actual results (as it is ERA-based). The 2.8 is because it accounts for 2019 as a full season (1.0) and 2020 as a bit less than 40% (0.4) of a season, then x2 for counting both fWAR and RA9-WAR. The end result was what could be considered an equalized "True WAR level" for the top pitchers in the game.

Here are the results with every pitcher of 4.0 or better, with Bauer in bold:

deGrom 7.0

Bieber 6.7

Cole 6.7

Lynn 6.0

Scherzer 5.7

Ryu 5.6

Greinke 5.5

Verlander 5.5

Giolito 4.9

Castillo 4.8

Gray 4.8

Morton 4.7

Hendricks 4.6

Darvish 4.5

Corbin 4.5

Flaherty 4.5

Bauer 4.3

Kershaw 4.3

Buehler 4.3

Minor 4.2

Nola 4.0

(Ties were broken by 2020 WAR + RA9-WAR, so Bauer is higher than Kershaw and Buehler).

The point being, according to this metric, Bauer isn't a top 10 pitcher, more in the 15-20 range. Not bad, but hardly worth $30M a year, let along the $36-40M he's allegedly asking for. I think Corbin or 30-something Kershaw are good comps: a solid #2 guy, but not a true ace.

(As an aside, I was surprised at how high Lynn ranks; Ryu, also, although he's a good example of where the metric breaks down as his 2019 ERA makes him look better than he actually is).

So here's a question: Do you want Bauer only for $30-35M a year, or something like Sugano and Odorizzi for less? 

Bauer wants to be paid like he's the guy he was in 2018 and 2020, when that accounts for only about 21% of his career. For the rest he was essentially Andrew Heaney - a solid pitcher, but not the Cy Young he was for the 21%. Sure, those two years are two of the last three, but only about half the innings, and we can't ignore 2019, when he was a good pitcher, but again, more "vintage Heaney."

I personally think Bauer will be very good for the next few years, maybe a 4-5 WAR pitcher, or essentially Patrick Corbin, who is a very good pitcher but more of a good #2 than one of the best in the game. Remember when Corbin got a 6/$140M contract and we collectively breathed a sigh of relief when the Angels didn't spend $23.3 AAV? What makes Bauer worth $10M or so more a year?

That said, I'd happily sign Bauer for a Corbin-esque contract, and maybe a bit more to reflect inflation and demand. But I'd probably stop in the $25Mish AAV range. I just don't think you spend more than that unless you're certain you're getting an elite arm, and Bauer will almost certainly get more than Corbin did.
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AngelsWin.com Today: 2021 Angelswin.com Primer Series: Bullpen
By Robert Cunningham, Angelswin.com Senior Writer

Special Request: Hope for Education is a small, targeted charity sponsored by Angelswin.com. I am humbly requesting a small donation as we enter the New Year and hope that you are in the giving mood as these kids need help to learn in a safe environment from this very deadly pandemic. Please lend a hand, even if it is only a couple of bucks, it does make a difference. Thank you for your time and attention!

Important Note: First of all I would like to say Happy New Year! I hope all of you and your families are implementing best-practice safety guidelines as outlined by the Center for Disease Control, including wearing masks out in public, washing your hands often, and exercising physical distancing protocols. Not only is COVID-19 potentially life-threatening there are now reports of long-term physical and psychological damage to those that survive. Take care of yourselves out there both physically and mentally, the Angels family needs to stay strong so all of us can enjoy Mike Trout now and in the future!
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AngelsWin.com Today: Should Some Bloggers Be Allowed to Vote for the Hall of Fame?
With the MLB offseason moving at a glacially slow speed, a lot of time, columns, and commentary has been devoted to which players, if any, might be voted into the Hall of Fame. As of the time this article was written, there are 57 public ballots and 5 anonymous ballots.  There’s even a Hall of Fame vote tracker, where fans can see which players are likely to gain admittance into the Hall of Fame.


View the full article
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Who Will We See First:  Detmers, Rodriguez or Kochanowicz
As we scratch our heads and wonder who and how many SP will be added to the Angels MLB roster for this year, I wonder if our prospect experts can predict when the farm will finally bring us a TOR, specifically I'm curious which of Detmers, Rodriguez or Kochanowicz will be first up and when that will be.

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Major League Baseball in 2021
It's getting close to being the middle of December, MLB seems to have resolved their plans at the MiLB level but they still haven't ironed it anything regarding expanded playoffs, people at games, universal DH, roster sizes ... Just a lot of stuff they really can't resolve because it's out of their control..

So, with that uncertainty in mind..  Are you guys expecting a full 162 game season?  At this point my guess is they are assuming the end of 2021 will possibly allow for fans to be back at games, particularly if the vaccine takes and they start turning the corner with Covid...   My guess is we may see a shorter season, possible one that starts later and another year of tournament style baseball at neutral sites where the weather is more forgiving.

But does anyone really expect MLB to start on time and in front of fans?  Do you think they may ask for proof of vaccinations to be able to attend games...   Its likely going to be different state to state, so that too may make for some volatility within MLB.

Personally, wasn't a fan of the neutral park stuff -- I get why they did it and to be honest it got to where I didn't really notice the lack of fans, but unless it's due to weather, I really do think I'd prefer to see teams who earned a playoff spot get to play in their own parks and the sort..
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Do the Angels really need to sign or trade for two starting pitchers?
The Angels have 5 starters who made multiple starts in 2020. 

I see a lot of posts where the poster wants to acquire two or three starters, and I don’t know where they all fit. 

I think we need one Ace. And depth in AAA and the pen.

So who leaves the rotation or goes to AAA if the Angels sign two starters? There are only so many starts.
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Angels in on Jake Odorizzi
Angels in on Jake Odorizzi
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AngelsWin.com Today: 2021 Angelswin.com Primer Series: Starting Rotation
A healthy Shohei Ohtani is a difference-maker on both sides of the ball

By Robert Cunningham, Angelswin.com Senior Writer

Note: What can I do here, everyone? Hope for Education is a small, targeted charity with a very specific fundraising goal and they are only a short way off from it. Again, I know some of you might be strapped for cash out there, I get it. But I am not asking for much, $5 is skipping a morning Starbucks run. Even $1, is one item less off the value deal menu at your favorite fast food joint. These kids deserve the opportunity to learn safely in this pandemic environment, so once again I am humbly requesting ANY donation you can afford to make. Thank you for your time and attention! - Robert

Hitting leadoff for the 2021 Primer Series, the rotation is clearly the biggest concern facing the Halos front office heading into the off-season.

The Angels, on paper, will pencil in Andrew Heaney and Dylan Bundy, both in their last year of arbitration control, along with Shohei Ohtani, who is, unfortunately, a bit of a wild card health-wise, making his reliability unpredictable, as the initial base of their rotation. We will call this trio “2 and a half men”, for now.

Beyond those names, the Angels do have a selection of younger pitchers, on the 40-man roster, to choose from, including Griffin Canning, Patrick Sandoval, Jaime Barria, Jose Suarez, Hector Yan, and Chris Rodriguez. Behind them are additional swingmen, such as Dillon Peters and Felix Pena that can act as spot starters, as well. The Angels also have another upside starter, not on their 40-man roster yet, Reid Detmers, the teams #1 draft pick in 2020, but he is almost certainly not ready for the Majors yet, but could be sooner rather than later.

If the Angels started the season with the current group of pitchers on the 40-man roster, the likely rotation depth would look something like this (number in parentheses represents the number of Minor League options remaining): Full Story
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Trade Adell (+ club control through 2026) for Snell (3 years, $42M left on contract) straight up?
I, for one, am a yes.  I think Adell's upside is limited due to his high K rate.  Give me 3 years of Blake Snell at the front of our rotation, with Brandon Marsh waiting in the wings to take over RF when he's ready.
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Angels interested in Kurt Suzuki
Minasian’s first two significant moves, trades for shortstop José Iglesias and reliever Raisel Iglesias, were for players entering their free-agent years, enabling the team to retain future payroll flexibility. The Angels also need to address their bullpen and other positions, and catcher Kurt Suzuki is a free agent of interest after the Mets’ signing of McCann, sources say. One thing is clear: Even with the potential for expanded playoffs next season, there is no easy path for Minasian to get Mike Trout back to the postseason.
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Fangraphs 2021 ZiPS Projections: Los Angeles Angels by Dan Szymborski
Article: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/2021-zips-projections-los-angeles-angels/

"Trevor Bauer would be a nice fit for the Angels, but that’s because he’d be — at least on the mound — a nice fit for pretty much everyone. Well, maybe not the Astros."
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2020 Rule 5 Draft (Pirates select Jose Soriano, Angels select Jose Rivera)
I read this morning that today is the day where teams have to announce their 40 man roster.  This really isn’t my thing, but figured others like @Second Base, @Dochalo, @totdprodsand @ettin would like a thread to make their predictions.  
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AngelsWin.com Today: 2021 Angelswin.com Primer Series: Strategy
By Robert Cunningham, Angelswin.com Senior Writer

Note: I am humbly requesting any donation (even one dollar!) you can make to the Angelswin.com Charity of the Month, Hope for Education! Every dollar can help, so please lend a hand if you are able!


This part of the Primer Series will be difficult to write, at least this year.

New GM Perry Minasian, despite his many years in baseball, is a wildcard in the main decision-making seat, which constrains our ability to construct an educated guess on team strategy.

Bottom line is that we, at Angelswin.com, can only speculate based on what we do see and hear.

So to start, Minasian, in his introduction as the new GM, was quoted stating, “Pitching is going to be a major priority...”. This was obvious to everyone, but it is good to hear him reemphasize the clear need again.

View the full article
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AngelsWin.com Today: 2021 Angelswin.com Primer Series: Financials
By Robert Cunningham, Angelswin.com Senior Writer

Note from Angelswin.com: Again, I am making a plea for support, to our family here at Angelswin.com, to provide any donation, even $1, to the AW.com sponsored charity-of-the-month, Hope for Education. If I have to go further, I am willing to take unnatural pictures by tdawg's bunk bed to encourage donations or, alternatively, not show them, at the whim of each individual member of the Angelswin.com family. I know times may be tough for many of you, but even a small donation helps toward a larger goal, so I am humbly requesting any kindness you can afford. Thank you for your time and attention!


As we alluded to, in the Introduction article, Major League Baseball (MLB) has taken a financial hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly the abbreviated season combined with a complete lack of in-person attendance at ballgames put a big financial hit on the game. Arte Moreno, himself, indicated revenues came in well short of projections. This financial impact is not insignificant and the likelihood that 2021 will take a similar hit is high.


Well, let us just talk it out here. Assuming President-elect Biden takes office on January 20th and, in a likely scenario, puts the country on a 30-60-day lockdown (or some hybrid mask requirement), that would immediately place us in early-to-late March.
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Angels acquire Raisel Iglesias and $900K from the Reds for Noe Ramirez and Leo Rivas
Angels acquire Raisel Iglesias from the Reds for Noe Ramirez and a PTBNL
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Fangraphs: The Angels are currently the 4th best team in the AL - has the easiest path to further improve?

Currently, we rank #4 in the AL in terms of fWAR, behind the Yankees, Astros, and Twins (6th overall in baseball).

Obviously this number is meaningless, as the game is played on the field, but certainly it's a nice barometer to show that we do have a good amount of talent.

The Iglesias acquisition actually boosted us up a bit pretty nicely.

The question is, how to further improve in the most cost efficient fashion?

Obviously, acquiring a top flight SP will help boost us, but probably the easiest ways to improve this team are by acquiring a better backup catcher (or someone to split time with Stassi, who grades rather well by fWAR), and significantly improving our RF production, where we are currently rated #29 out of 30.  Our bullpen, despite losing like half of them yesterday, is still actually ranked #19, which isn't terrible.

So obviously, while our focus will be pitching, we can actually get some pretty good mileage by simply finding a LHH RF to platoon with Ward and finding a better backup catcher to split time with Stassi.

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Holy Hell, Trevor Bauer!
Arte Moreno, sign this guy at all costs. Not only is he dominate, but his swagger is exactly what this team needs. 
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Angels acquire Jose Iglesias from the Orioles for Garrett Stallings and Jean Pinto
Angels acquire Jose Iglesias from the Orioles for Garrett Stallings and Jean Pinto
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The Official 2020-2021 Hot Stove Offseason Thread
Players immediately become free agents at 9 am following the World Series and can officially sign starting on Sunday. Let the offseason start! 
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Blake Snell is on the market
This is without a doubt a big piece that the Angels need.

What would you trade for that piece?

I wouldn't pull Adel off the table here.
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