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  1. Isn't the kid pictured one of those that took over?
  2. @Stradling, I just want you to know that when I used to go to the Marketplace location, I would always get the fries. I have it on good authority that the rest of the monsters here went to the Taco Bell next door to try and order fries. Idiots. Taco Bell doesn't have fries.
  3. #areyoutalkingaboutthesameepsteinthatusedtrumpspropertyasarecruitingground
  4. Just about all the libs acknowledge and condemn his drone strikes here. That's a bogus argument.
  6. It's not so simple, man. You get a spike in cases and our capacity to care for COVID cases goes to shit, people still eventually have to stay at home, people still decide or have no choice but to put off care. It's godawful all around.
  7. You know, they have this kind of information out there. Seek it out if you're interested. You've got Google.
  8. ...said the non-psychiatrist after coming up to the consultation window to seek information from the staff of non-psychiatrists...