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  1. Personally I’d like to see the first round be a best of 4. It’s a very underutilized format
  2. To be honest, I like the red on reds. I think they’re great and I liked that they were wearing those and the whites mostly rather than the greys (not a fan). Maybe “fix” it by going back to the vest jerseys with the red t-shirt under. Those were really cool- I have a Figgy jersey like that in fact :) That navy jersey someone posted is just awful lol and my favorite logo/color scheme was the CA angels no less
  3. he's gonna be such a beast this year
  4. With what happened to Kobe, Trout has taken on a new level of hero for me. Knowing that astros players felt compelled to contact Mike and explain themselves shows others feel similarly. He’s a great guy- he doesn’t even really condemn them or lay into them as harsh as others have, and yet what he says here is profound and surely makes those guys feel sh***y. I hope Mike just DESTROYS them this year
  5. Goes to show how great Trouty is. They were cheating and he was still unquestionably better
  6. It's kinda like when the CP3 trade didn't go through with the Lakers (ugh). Hopefully he doesn't pull a Lamar Odom haha
  7. how is it fixed? He sucked against lefties. And sucked less against righties Now this post is reminding me of when Homer says " I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked." I'd post a Youtube link but I don't wanna get fired haha
  8. Kidding aside, I actually trust Eppler with these kind of moves- he may end up really solid for us
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