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  1. It’s funny, using my first and middle name would make me a 3rd Kyle Br... I’ll tell ya how I like Baltimore! and yes, my middle name is Brandy... jk haha
  2. Our leader in IP had a -0.3 WAR. Our leader in IP pitched 102 innings. Our leader in SP WAR was a rookie at 1.1 Bundy almost equaled our top 2 leaders in IP and WAR combined Unless we gave up someone great we don't know about yet, yes we needed someone like this
  3. I think it bodes well players are going where their family is and that they're valuing the location enough to turn down millions.
  4. Dipoto is awesome when he's not on your team haha. Always true to character, gotta hand it to him
  5. I think it could be an interesting move tbh. Maybe Wooten/Reed can help Bell stay more on par with his monster first half ala how they helped Calhoun. I like Bell a lot more than Thaiss/Word, bad defense and all. Archer would hopefully not even need to be a #3 if free agency goes as hoped. I wouldn't send out either of our top 2 or anything- but it could be a pretty high upside move worth moving others from our top 10 for perhaps.
  6. Kole is a class act and will be missed. I posted in a thread awhile ago about this, but based on the market last year, outfielders around his age and around his production pretty much only get 1 year deals. There are exceptions and maybe he'll be one, but most likely he gets 1 year/4-5 million. Last years non-minor league deals to outfielders: Michael Brantley (age 32, 4 years 32 mil) Lonnie Chisenhall (age 30, 1 year 2.75 mil) Avisail Garcia (age 28, 1 year 3 million) Bret Gardner- (age 36, re-signed 1 year 7.5 mil) Robbie Grossman (age 30, 1 year 2 mil) Billy Hamilton (age 29, 1 year 5.25 mil) Bryce Harper (age 26, 13 years 330 mil) Adam Jones (age 34, 1 year 3 mil) Nick Markakis (age 35, re-signed 1 year 6 mil) Andrew Mccutchen (age 32, 3 years 50 mil) AJ Pollock (age 31, 5 years 60 mil)
  7. Not sure if this has already been talked about but I was just looking at some stats and found this pretty remarkable: Tim Anderson won the batting title with a .335 AVG, which is only slightly lower than his .357 OBP. How does someone with such a high AVG have such a low OBP? He has 15 BB to 109 SO. 15/109!!! And he put up similar BB/K numbers his previous seasons. He obviously has an incredible hit ability but man that has got to be infuriating to watch.
  8. Couldn't you argue more mileage on Bumgarner's arm is more of a reason to go with Wheeler?