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  1. Oh, it’s beautiful. Men suck each other’s dicks freely in public, guns are taken away and then anally inserted into the former owners rectum, 50% of every non-black persons income is taken for reparations, trees are given human rights, @Angelsjunky is declared president but declines since it will be “too much work” so @Rico takes it. The border to Mexico is opened without restrictions and lawns look fantastic but all city parks are unusable due to soccer on weekdays and drunk immigrants on the weekends. I watch Fox News and I’m basically paraphrasing what they predict. Oh and dead bab
  2. We don’t want you to endanger your career.
  3. You had no idea a forum filled with fat, white, nerds didn’t have a lot of CPA’s? Would you also be surprised to find out Dodgerswin.com has a lot of window tinters?
  4. I actually think most republicans admit that things like gerrymandering. Voter ID, ex-felon fines, destroying the US Mail are solely done to keep republicans in office because a greater percentage of Americans will vote for a democrat. It’s like earlier today you praised Trump for being so smart for taking advantage of the tax code. He didn’t use loopholes you said, he follows the law. I agree with you. Same thing here. I don’t know why you won’t admit it, except maybe it looks slimier? The fact is democrats are terrible at playing the game. They’re terrible at the little shady tri
  5. Look, if someone is a Republican or Trump voter, that’s fine. But let’s cut the bullshit. If you made the statement above without a smirk as you posted it, then you really need to turn off the Fox or OAN.
  6. Thinking about how old Biden is made me think about how old 90% of this website is. Does it freak you old fucks out to know this is probably the last election you’ll vote in? That would dwell on my mind. I’d probably just say screw politics, I’m getting a hooker. And this one sometimes keeps me up at night: what if there is no afterlife? What if the lights go out and that’s it? Scary stuff. Well at least I’ll see a liberal utopia before that happens to me. Have a nice evening everyone.
  7. Wanna bet it’s a black person who also doesn’t accept responsibility for their own actions?
  8. You’re right. I had not considered that.
  9. Are you from Ukiah or from the UK and excited about that?
  10. Seriously, Scott and Angel, shut the fuck up for a few minutes.
  11. But you would have said the same thing about dipoto.
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