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  1. Will someone please mention that MAGA/AFL WAS a Bernie bro 4 years ago.
  2. Do we honestly have any sympathy for whores who marry dudes for their fame and cash, when that dude does what dudes with fame and cash do?
  3. I think these are the types that will stick to tailgating from their 1982 Datsuns if they can't find bleacher seats that include free hot dogs.
  4. So apparently large groups of Dodger fans are planning to come to Anaheim to boo and protest the Astros in the home opening series. That should turn out well.
  5. Being a white child who listens to rap is usually a red state thing.
  6. Either there are a lot of cake decorators on the spectrum or most of those are faked.
  7. On a related note, I had The Baseball Diarrhea Song in my head all day.
  8. My neighbors daughter is a female midget and is on one of those little people reality shows. I saw her today. She’s married to a big person.
  9. While I will not deny the consumption of alcohol played a role in the lack of readability of my post, apparently I often speak in fractured sentences and with thoughts that either end abruptly without getting to any point or for far too long, obscuring what the original point was. It drives my wife.