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  1. i agree.i don't think Arte cares much about WAR. He cares about AIS (asses in seats)
  2. thank you. my daughter didn't believe it, now i have facts.
  3. so does anyone have a screen shot of the scoreboard "Cowboy Ohtani" pic?
  4. did i wait long enough this time? btw..... original post still stands.....
  5. I seem to remember reading on Angelswin that if Mike Scioscia became available, that he would be picked up in a flash. I haven't seen his name attached to any team looking for a manager yet. Am i missing something?
  6. I predict that you are related to Eeyore. Cheer down, mister......
  7. guilty pleasures? i love Shonen Knife... always have. gotta love japanese girl punk-pop bands sometimes (like when you're awake!) oh, and "they don't know" by tracey ullman
  8. rant freely, thats your choice i suppose but..... His name is Hamilton, AO. really, it is..... we are not in 7th grade anymore.
  9. check electra townies on craigslist. they are a pedal forward bike, not so hard on the knees and great for short guys because the seat sets low. i have a 21 speed townie that i can ride for 25/30 miles with no knee pain at all. they are not "speed" bikes by any measure, but comfortable as all get out.
  10. i love Tom Petty and have seen him play many times, but something changed musically when Stan Lynch left the band that i just can't get past. my loss, i suppose.
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