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  1. Stupid baserunning. Especially against Felix Hernandez.
  2. No wonder these pitchers have the worst habit of giving up 2 out runs. Dont the Angels lead baseball in that category?
  3. Moreno needs to sell this team. There is way to much negativity surrounding this team and its only going to get worse with the stadium situation.
  4. Didn't they just pick up Dipoto's option for next year lIke two weeks ago? Really hate the way things are going for this team.
  5. It was probably CJ Wilson who leaked some of this stuff. Everyone knows that guy has a big mouth.
  6. Joyce is so bad. Why is he on this team and what are they waiting to see from him? He was never a good player.
  7. CJ is trash. I cant wait for the day this sackless pos doesnt pitch for the angels.
  8. Even if they tie or take the lead sosh will leave salas in to give the lead back.
  9. Those were some of the worst swings i have ever seen in my life!
  10. Salas is trash. This team plays sloppy, inconsistent baseball just like the 2013 team.
  11. This is the reason i wouldn't mind seeing a new manager on the team. Getting thrown out on the bases with the best player in the game coming up is so fn stupid!
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