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  1. This team has some of the worst fielding pitchers in all of baseball.
  2. Lol i got some pretty good field level seats so i should be safe. Gf is a Dodger fan so maybe they will cut me some slack.
  3. Are you wearing your Angels gear to the game? Im going tomorrow with my girlfriend and not sure if i should wear mine. I want to come out of that stadium alive.
  4. He just hasn't been the same. Last year i remember him still throwing 97-98 in the late innings. Now he is normally in the 94-95 range. He has become very hittable.
  5. Navarro could put up some nice at bats and play good D. How is joyce still on this team?
  6. Alden Gonzalez just tweeted that CJ has given up 35 runs in 37 1/3 ip to the Astros in his last 8 starts. Lol
  7. CJ is the one that should be moved to the pen when Weaver comes back.
  8. This is why good teams wont trade for CJ. They know how he performs in big games.
  9. Its time for cj wilson to step up and pitch well in a important game!
  10. There are to many streaky hitters on this team with awful approaches at the plate. Clueless at bat after clueless at bat.
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