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  1. This team just knows how to blow every damn opportunity they get. How incredibly stupid!!!
  2. When i was at the game last night i thought the crowd was loud and into the game. I think TBS has the background noise a little muted.
  3. Scioscia just has to change things up for no reason doesn't he? Dont feel good about putting Grilli in here.
  4. Shoemaker looked amazing there. Very nice to see! Time for the offense to wake the hell up!
  5. Hamilton has no business on the playoff roster. This is ALL on management!
  6. Other postseason teams look fired up to be in the playoffs. These guys look scared and lifeless.
  7. Can't even throw a guy out on pitch out. Only this team.
  8. The Royals came ready to play. The Angels look like they are playing a Spring Training game.
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