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  1. Disarcina is the worst 3rd base coach in all of baseball.
  2. Bill Shaikin is a POS. All he does is rag on the Angels no matter how well they do.
  3. Its pretty pathetic that all the pitchers on this team have trouble putting teams away with 2 outs.
  4. This team has a bunch of dumb hitters. Why swing first pitch after you saw the pitcher just walk the batter ahead of you on four pitches?
  5. Salas is garbage. I can't believe he is anything more than a mop up reliever now.
  6. The only person who didn't see that coming is Scioscia.
  7. Shoemaker gave up 14 hr last season and has given up 13 hr this year.
  8. https://twitter.com/itsRubylicious/status/600381086124920833
  9. This team looks completely unprepared to start the season. They look nothing like last years team.
  10. Damn, Howie pissed me off sometimes but it will suck to see him with Dodgers.
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