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  1. Because the stubborn owner of this team doesn't like Scott Boras and he was Beltre's agent.
  2. This team is soft and they play scared. They take after their dumbass manager.
  3. Aybar shouldn't be batting anywhere near the top of the order. Mindless swing at everything at bats from him.
  4. Why the **** did Scioscia put cowgill in to pinch hit? What a ****in dumbass pos...
  5. Who didn't see this coming? Richards has not been anything special this year. I have more confidence in Heaney.
  6. Hector Santiago is pitching in the series. There is a better chance of the Astros sweeping them.
  7. Richards looks like a guy who can't wait for the season to end.
  8. That game in Cleveland years ago where Percival gave up a huge lead and Hudler was crying on air after the teams started fighting.
  9. Fn sick of seeing these scrubs hit home runs against this team. Ridiculous
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