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  1. http://www.baseballamerica.com/international/2015-international-spending-by-team/#QsshyhOlJesIV4ye.97 It doesn't help that the owner refuses to spend on international talent.
  2. This team will be awful or mediocre for as long as Arte Moreno owns it.
  3. Why are the Dodgers ranked so high? Other than Kershaw i don't see anything special about that rotation.
  4. He looks a little thinner to me. I think he has a bit of facial hair growing also.
  5. The guy that they got this information from basically came out and said he lied. What's so hard to understand about that?
  6. Its funny how an hour before Arte came out and said they were out on big free agents Fletcher had tweeted that Eppler said they were not.
  7. The owner of this team is a joke!!! Sell the team Arte!!! Another year of Trout about to go down the drain.
  8. Arte should just sell the team if this is true. It's his fault the team is in the position it's in. Might as well think about trading Trout if Arte isn't serious about winning.
  9. F the Dodgers. I would love to see Grienke go anywhere else.
  10. The Blue Jays would probably still make the playoffs without Donaldson. The Angels would be one of the worst teams in the AL without Trout.
  11. Keep an eye out for Gamestop trade in deals. I got 150 or 175 off my xbox one for trading in the 360. Keep your 360 games because they will be coming out with a xbox one update soon that will make it backwards compatible.
  12. It makes to much sense! And he is a left handed bat. Exactly what this team needs.
  13. DeGrom does not have it at all. They need to get him out!
  14. This team will be better when Scioscia grows some balls and starts batting Pujols down in the lineup. Even if they did get a big bat you know Pujols will still be batting 3rd or 4th.
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