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  1. What the hell is that thing growing above Heaney's lip?
  2. There is no hope for this team if Scioscia is still managing it next season.
  3. I really hope Santiago is nowhere near the starting rotation next season.
  4. It's to bad Scioscia led teams usually come up small in those important type of games.
  5. Idgaf im done with this season. The faster its over and Scioscia is gone the better!
  6. That's because this teams offense is awful and can't hit any mistakes they do make.
  7. Once you stop giving a shit about this team the losses are easier to take. Its time for a new manager. Enough of this BS!
  8. I didn't think losing Howie would have such a big impact but it did. Gia botches alot of plays that Howie would of easily made. He would make a good backup at second base but thats about it. Bring back Howie! :-/
  9. Maybe if he stuck with his better relievers for more than one damn inning he wouldnt have to rely on crap like Bedrosian! How many pitches did Street throw? Six? His bullpen management is terrible!
  10. This hack at everything gameplan they have against this guy is not working! What the f is wrong with these guys?
  11. I cringe when a ball is hit anywhere near Giavotella. He is that bad defensively.
  12. http://m.angels.mlb.com/news/article/140411536/cj-wilson-may-have-surgery-on-left-elbow "Privately, though, several Angels players expressed frustration in Wilson's decision, with some believing he should've continued to try to pitch through the issue." Even his own teammates are starting to call CJ out for being a sissy.
  13. What the f is that? Did he not see the damn ball get popped up? Fn stupid!
  14. CJ Wilson set the tone for this important series. They need to dump him for a bucket of jock straps for all i care. He is a loser and pitches like a scared little girl in important games. F him!
  15. Mike Scioscia loves his lefty righty matchups. It doesnt matter how bad that pitcher/batter is.
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