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  1. Paxton is pretty sick. The guy looks super focused out there.
  2. With CJ pitching tomorrow why even bother taking salas out?
  3. There is no way this guy should be starting a playoff game.
  4. Lol teams will keep plunking and pitching inside to trout because the angels will not do anything about it.
  5. You cant let your best hitter keep getting plunked without retaliation.
  6. Since this game is pretty much over i flipped over to MLB Network for Royals vs Tigers but the game is blacked out. What gives?
  7. Lol @ Donaldson. The A's are a disaster right now. Talk about a team that has fallen way back down to earth!
  8. Boesche is horrible! Why is Cowgill sitting for this guy?
  9. If this slump continues through the end of the season i just dont see how Trout deserves the MVP.
  10. Dont worry guys CJ is going to step up and throw a complete game tomorrow... 😅😆😂😣
  11. Boesch provides nothing for this team. How much longer is Scioscia going to waste at bats on this guy?
  12. Pitcher struggling with command please dont first pitch hack...
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