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  1. I felt like running on the field to smack Scioscia for some of the decisions he made in that game.
  2. I can't believe all the bunts Scioscia called for in this game. When the **** did this team decide they were going to turn into a Royals clone? This was not how they played during the season!
  3. Wow what a comeback! These announcers make the game boring as hell though.
  4. Boesche is really bad. I hope this guy doesn't make the playoff roster.
  5. CJ needs to go after these guys. He did not nibble against the Mariners in his last start.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! Just bought some tickets as soon as i saw your post. 😊
  7. Kind of sucked not being able to see them celebrate as soon as he game was over.
  8. Trout goes up there looking to draw a walk. Swing the fn bat!
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