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  1. this game has made me realize that the team needs better RHed pinch hitting options.
  2. I just signed Simmons to a 5/81 extension. Seemed a bit steep to me but I got a good reaction from the fans.
  3. I was like 29-22 and mine crashed. Brought me back to when I was 5-7. dammit. then there was a team brawl and literally everyone got booted. I ended up losing that game like 18-5 after leading through 7 innings. I got annoyed and started a new game and I started 1-5. Now back to 7-6. In my first go around my pitching was very good and the offense was weak. A couple guys came up from the minors in the pen and were lights out. Bundy was awful through the first couple months. Bedrosian was so bad I released him. In both iterations my offense has been bad and Trout has had a very low batting average.
  4. do you pronounce that aloominyum? I figured because of your cricket fandom.
  5. been playing on appeak. anyone else?
  6. thanks VHF. your Grandpa sounds like he was a cool dude. also I just realized that your initials are VHF which is kinda cool. At least I think so.
  7. It's going to be very interesting to see how FA spending plays out if there is no season. Especially depending on who ends up with the bigger financial hit from a lost year ie players vs. owners.
  8. thanks T. she made it a lot longer than expected.
  9. thanks everyone. really appreciate the kind words.
  10. when I was a lad, the first thing I would do in the morning during baseball season was run out to the driveway and grab the paper if my dad hadn't already done so. I would turn right to the box scores and check everyone's stats for the day. So this is oddly satisfying even though it's fake. I actually got a touch annoyed for about 2 seconds when I saw that the Angels lost a fake game today. HA!
  11. my grandma passed today at the ripe age of 100 but no one could be by her side because she was in the hospital. she was such a sweet sweet lady. truly not a bad bone in her body.
  12. you've basically described 90+% of businesses out there at this point. massively decreased revenue with a bunch of fixed costs. as it relates to baseball, it will be very interesting to see if there is an impact on the valuation of teams. A sharp decline in the value of a franchise will certainly impact the ability or willingness to borrow against that for payroll or stadium deals. And then there is the tv revenue component. I am sure there are provisions in those contracts where the teams don't get paid by local networks if there are no games. I know you mentioned it, but that is absolutely huge. If and when this lets up, are people going to just start piling into stadiums again right away? So even if they do start playing again, fans will shift their viewership from live to on TV where the teams are getting a fixed amount not taking into account that shift. Which will create a fight among teams and networks.