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  1. Hermosillo is almost as fast as Adams. Some of the choices for the rosters are based on wanting to continue development of their top prospects and make certain guys available for trade should it come to that. Frankly, I don't see teams spending any resources in trade to win a championship for a 60 game season though.
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  3. A sixty game schedule won't make for much separation so it's likely there won't be much activity.
  4. It's essentially like saying that everyone in the division is tied through the first 102 games. Our record for the last 60 games of 2019 was 19-41. 19-41. We had a 5.39 era during that time with a rotation of Barria, Suarez, Peters Heaney and Sandoval. With a sprinkle of Canning. Assuming health (heh), the rotation will be Ohtani, Teheran, Bundy, Canning, and Heaney with Sandoval, Suarez and Barria filling in where needed. Trout and Ohtani also missed most of Sept at the dish and we didn't have Rendon. Do you know what our catchers did over the last 60 games? Garneau hit .188. Bemboom hit .102. Stassi hit .094. Kevin Smith hit just above .200. And now we have Castro. Even if he hits .230 and plays solid defense, that will be a big add. Wilfredo Tovar played in about 30 of our last 60 games and had a .492 ops. Calhoun is our only loss and he wasn't great over the last 60 games. with a .216 avg and .735 ops. Goodwin had almost the same value as Calhoun last year. So it's basically like being tied for the division lead at the deadline and adding Trout for an additional 20 games, Ohtani on the mound for 60 games and at the plate for 20 more games, Teheran and Bundy to the rotation, Castro at C and Rendon at 3b. Oh and a fully recovered Keynan Middleton. and Canning. and it's likely that Thaiss and Sandoval are better. We could easily go 40-20.
  5. section 8.42 of his personal services contract: "At any given point of the set forth agreement should a worldwide viral pandemic occur, the employee is obligated to cover any and all employee costs for his native Dominican Republic on behalf of his employer in the instance that furloughs are necessary to maintain his employers tres commas lifestyle.
  6. I've decided I just don't care anymore. One of my favorite things is being destroyed by greed.
  7. while I side with the owners on what they're doing with the mlbpa to try and get baseball going again, I think killing the industry of minor league baseball is a huge mistake. Every industry has loss leaders and if the minors are that for mlb, then they should support it in order to keep the game relevant on a micro level. It's so short sighted to do what they're doing for a couple extra mil in their pockets.
  8. It's less money than you would normally be able to spend on a 40th round pick. so far of the 40 players signed, there have been 4 who are in BA's top 500. They're all in the 400 range. this was a concession. they're essentially UDFAs and in 4 years we'll see a couple of them get a cup of coffee. much ado about nothing.
  9. are we sure that the furloughed scouts were even on the amateur side? they could have been intl, mlb or milb scouts. Arte is a good enough business man to not do anything that would damage the long term viability of his product. So I would imagine that anyone furloughed really had almost nothing to do relative to their normal workload. the concept of going big is actually interesting. Scouting, to some degree, is actually just a more complicated sales force with various restrictions and designations under normal circumstances. In regard to the current situation, you have actually liberated your sales force to some degree with opening up the pool of recruits while putting a massive restriction on your main sales tool. cash monies. So you absolutely need your sales force to create a plausible narrative or 'sales pitch' that isn't about the money. Then you do what good sales forces do. You pound the pavement. Hit the numbers hard because at the end of the day, sales is all about activity. You prioritize your targets and get in front of as many of these kids as possible is some way shape or form. Make your pitch and be ready to move on to the next fairly quickly. these are not the glengary leads you're being given. but you might end up with half a dozen or so decent prospects that you might not have otherwise if you put in the time and effort.
  10. some sort of hybrid would be fun but at the end of the day is the strategy involved around the pitcher being in the lineup really all that interesting? 'hey son. put your phone down for a sec and check out this double switch.' although I guess the alternative is 'hey son. put your phone down for a sec and come watch this guy past his prime try to hit a hr but probably strike out' . but I prefer the DH or the pitching hitting and I consider myself a pretty strong baseball enthusiast. I've always felt like not having the DH would be like telling all NFL teams that the QB also had to play defense.