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  1. I think most realize its much more difficult than that outside of a vocal minority. I just don't think Eppler thought the team was ready to justify what it would take to get one.
  2. German Marquez would be my #1 target.
  3. Nolasco wasn't really bad. He was below avg but nowhere close to the disaster of Harvey, Cahill and Teheran (and don't forget lincecum)
  4. or you let it develop and wait like most successful teams have done. using the farm to plug holes at the major league level is never an equal exchange. it's exactly what Dipoto did which is why the farm ended up decimated.
  5. If you draft a couple pitchers instead of Adell, Adams or Jackson then they're still tooling around the minors as well. It would have been very very unusual for any of Eppler's drafts to have players that would be helping the major league club right now. there was no excess talent. the main reason he got fired is because he spent poorly on free agents.
  6. people vastly underestimate the value in trading away major league players for mid to upper minors talent. Not only are you skipping 2-3 years or more of development, those players are much more of known quantity. Expecting to accomplish that by drafting and international signings in a short period is just delusional. Here's an example - Does anyone know how many starting pitchers from the 2017 draft are having a legit impact for their major league club? I could find all of one, and his name is Griffin Canning. That's not just our draft from that year, but the entire 2017 draf
  7. yep. I mentioned this in a different thread. Billy also had opportunity to do a better job of finding Skaggs replacement. Well at least theoretically he did. If he thought that someone like Keuchel or Ryu were worth the money, would Arte have let him spend the additional amount to get one of those guys instead? Honestly, I think this is a prime example of why Billy got fired. We all know that the mid tier market for starting pitching is just loaded with landmines everywhere. So for two years straight, Eppler essentially decided against trying to brave that minefield. Spendi
  8. yeah but one thing has nothing to do with the other.
  9. I'm not sure why people think that Dobrowski would do things exactly how he did them in Boston. Or Detroit and Florida either for that matter. He did it a bit differently in all three places and had success. Frankly, I would assume that he's gonna come in and evaluate current and future talent, short and long goals, payroll limitations and options. Taking into account what Arte's expectations are of course. Then putting together a realistic plan for success. He's got experience. He knows what it takes to create a winner. He's also probably very well versed in understanding
  10. you're still doing it. in your post above you even detailed several ways in which they're situations were vastly different.
  11. you know Marsh was a football player right?
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