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  1. this framed will make a lovely wedding gift in a few years.
  2. I agree with your edit. sheer roster limits and math related to that probably dictate how many players are likely to end up in the non tendered pool too many other factors to assign relevance to the fact that the total number is about the same. could be that clubs decided to protect cheaper players this year. I would, however, be interested in seeing how the distribution has changed and along with the total $$ going up, I bet that the avg value for each of those players has gone up as well. just going by the top of last year's list, Cesar Hernandez was probably the best pl
  3. defensively yes. the biggest problem with Rengifo is that he could easily drop a turd offensively and then what? Eppler sucked at mitigating downside risk. It's truly the one thing that got him fired. Minasian won't make that same mistake.
  4. This is kinda where I started when I first heard about the trade. But some other thoughts have been rattling around since. First, I think you have to consider 2022, 2023 etc in whatever argument is being made. Lindor, Baez, Correa, Seager, Story. All free agent short stops next year. If you commit to someone like Wong or even Hernandez, you likely aren't committing to them for 1yr. It's probably 3. Which means you are committing to Fletcher at SS for those three years as well. Some money comes off for 2021 and then again for 2022. And some pitchers need to be replaced. T
  5. we might have one of the best IF defenses in baseball. Walsh is a very underrated first basemen defensively. Excellent hands. Good arm. Not super rangy but very good on pop flies behind him and really good at digging out short hops.
  6. my first thought upon hearing of this trade. we've already seen a couple of move in letting Andriese go and now Iglesias where a couple mil here and there is being closely considered. which I'm fine with if it means that extra 4 mil he's already saved means getting better players elsewhere.
  7. Stallings kinda reminds me of Chris Ellis. probably a bit overrated because no one has really seen much of him but at best he's a #5 and most likely a guy who doesn't do much.
  8. seems a bit steep for a 1yr rental but whatevs. My guess is that even though Stallings had a little helium here and there, Minasian and his people didn't think much of him. seems like a way to save a couple mil instead of just paying a bit more for a free agent and not giving anything up.
  9. Garrett is a mid to back end starter and even though he was promoted to mlb this year, he was in A+ last year. Harrison has upside if he puts it together but he's 25.
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