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  1. of course Luchnow knew. and Hinch. and everyone. But in typical fashion, the Astros are gonna try to pin it on this one guy. They'll try to dodge and parry like a bunch of douche bags at first and then eventually issue some sort of bs statement that they're kinda sorry but didn't realize it was wrong. from top to bottom, that entire org is filled with people willing to do the most unsavory things to get an edge.
  2. this isn't even remotely true. Ohtani, Rengifo, Thaiss, Buttrey, Sandoval.
  3. personally, I am not a huge fan of boyd. Really what I'm talking about is moving him for what essentially amounts to spare parts or redundancy of players with equally low expectations. Guys like Barria or Ward or Walsh. I don't think detroit would go for that but having a guy at the back of a rotation pitch to a 4.5 era and log 180ip along with Heaney would be a solid add if you're not losing anything major to get him. I would still want Cole and another starter for the top/middle though.
  4. if we go after Wheeler, I will be surprised. Pleasantly of course because I can almost guarantee we'll go after Cole.
  5. that would actually be a good thing. then we could focus on Cole, get him done and still have a ton of options for that second guy. I don't think it will happen though. Cole is in a completely different bracket in terms of price. I think wheeler is going to move very quick and set the secondary market early. Bumgarner will be this years Keuchel unless he takes 3 years.
  6. it's not about who's been better but about who's going to be over the next 5 years or so. I'm laying my money on Cole and by a wide margin.
  7. and keep in mind that Suarez had Doug White to help him when he got to the major league level.
  8. he was the youngest starter in the majors last year. There were a couple younger pitchers but no true starters.