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  1. my guess it that wouldn't have bothered him much considering he's playing with a bunch of guys who cheated for years. He got the money he wanted. plain and simple.
  2. they made him collateral damage when they didn't have to by calling him up before he was ready. Eppler was very aggressive at promotions.
  3. Oh, I'm not absolutely convinced it will translate. Barria kinda is who he is whereas Suarez could totally flame out or become a very good starter. What I've seen from him in the majors isn't anywhere close to the guy I saw in the minors. Today was probably the first real semblance of that I've seen since 2019. The time he spent in the majors that year f'd him up good. You could just tell they were trying to get him to do things he just wasn't comfortable with. He's only got one option year left. I kinda hope they don't need him in the majors at all this year so they can save that for n
  4. If anything, Suarez is the hybrid. He's got better stuff than Barria yet slightly lesser presence and lesser stuff than Sandoval but better mound presence. He's 23 and like IP said, got thrown to the wolves way before he was ready at age 21 which was a lost year of Doug White trying to teach him Swahili when what he needed was the basics and then he lost another year last season. If we traded for a guy entering his age 23 season who owned a 3.68 minor league era and a 9.7 k/9 with 2.9 bb/9, we'd be thrilled. I watched a bunch of this kid in the minors. There's a reason he
  5. personally feel like Suarez stuff is better than Barria. Especially his breaking ball. It's more of a strikeout pitch whereas Barria's breaking ball is more of an off speed he can throw for a strike or induce weak contact with but lacks the depth to make it an out pitch. Suarez fastball is also a bit better.
  6. I know people hate him, but Suarez looked really good. Made some guys look ugly. Stuff was well located and sharp.
  7. Logan Gilbert for the M's has good stuff. Was kinda bummed he got taken before the Halos had a chance to get him.
  8. Jose Mota seems like a really good dude. If he's our pbp guy for the season, that's gonna be rough.
  9. we should have signed him just to C-block the cheaters.
  10. you're not allowed to look at a guy's stuff and make a judgement on player unless you do so for a living. And even still, it's just the first game of spring so you're not allowed to get excited. #awfaithful
  11. the bad news is that Keller gave up a hr. The good news is that Adell got a good jump.
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