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  1. How does a team like SF get what they're getting from guys like Mike Yastrzemski, Steve Duggar or Darin Ruf or even vets like Crawford, Longoria, Belt and Posey? And a bunch of their pitchers? Their pen is dog shit as well. Angels and Giants have the same wRC+ on offense. Very similar pen. SP isn't that far off from one another in terms of metrics. Yet they have the best record in baseball. The big difference between the two teams is defense. They're top 5 and we're second to last. They're +90 in base runs and we're -10. That's a ten win difference. Is our defense really making us ten wins worse than we could be?
  2. try to guess the team - A guy hits a ball up the middle for what used to be a single and the infielder is positioned right there to make the play - A guy hits a ball to where the 2bman is normally positioned and finds it's way into the OF because the defender is 20 feet away.
  3. I just disagree with this. Moving prospects in a big trade is the last thing to complete the puzzle in my opinion. Again, doubling down on what I mentioned earlier, the Angels are a .500 team and need to replace their entire pen, several rotation pieces, a SS, and a backup C. I'd like to see what we do with the other nine guys first before getting the 10th.
  4. Too bad someone like Desclafani wasn't available in the off season when the Angels were looking for pitching.
  5. 80 is the highest. fastball, curve and change are accurate. Slider is a 55 with 60 upside. He should be top 50. In the same range as Lodolo.
  6. don't buy. sell. we're .500 with a negative run diff and 8 games out of first. 6.5 games back of the second WC. sorry for the cold shower but let's be realistic.
  7. no. no one in the org has that pitch. That thing was devastating. Detmers curve is a strike pitch. It's a really good pitch that'll catch a guy looking. K-rod's slider was something you just couldn't not swing at because the break was so late. If all Detmers had was the curve then you're looking at him becoming a rich hill type but that's not the case. He's got four good pitches. So he's learning how and when to use them. Which, incidentally, is what C-Rod needs to do on a go forward. Krod's slider was magic. Like Hoffman's change or other relievers who have that one pitch that's devastating. Nothing in Detmers repertoire is devastating. It's just a bunch of really good. The reason C-rod got put on the mlb roster is that his slider is actually ridiculous. Maybe not krod ridiculous but silly nonetheless. But his other stuff is on par so that's why the temptation of having him in the pen outweighed developing him as a starter.
  8. If Upton would agree to a trade you should do it if you can offload the 28m he's owed for next year. Ward in LF, Walsh in RF and Thaiss at 1b. While I don't care about Arte's money, he does. An extra 28m for next year cures a lot of roster sins I'd certainly do that if they fall out of contention. If they're within a couple games of the wild card, I'd probably still do it but it wouldn't likely be well received. And no f'n way am I doing it for Sale or anyone else where the salary is even. If we could dump that salary, to me it's a no brainer. Don't care what we get in return. If Arte wants to eat 10m and get a prospect then great. Maybe a club controlled pen arm? That would be icing. People want us to be more like the A's or Rays? First, they would have never signed Upton and second, their GMs would be on the horn daily looking to move him right now.
  9. Vlad jr is wagyu rib cap btw. Walsh is a prime new york. Maybe bone in. Oh yeah.
  10. I totally disagree with your analogy. I would take a double double over a mealy, mushy piece of meat any day.
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