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  1. Has anyone mentioned Joey Wendle? Solid defender at SS and other spots. Might be getting too pricey for the Rays.
  2. Three post season appearances in a row and he got fired because he couldn't get along with the FO. Sounds to me like this guy wants to play the game like it's 1985. Maybe he and Maddon can join forces and start a soft rock band.
  3. Oakland - Losing a couple key offensive contributors. Their farm system isn't very good and they don't really have a ton of young talent on their roster. There could be a sell off coming so they can be good again just in time for their new stadium to open. But they'll probably find a couple of randoms to decently replace their key free agents anyway. Seattle - they're improving. I think they're gonna be very active this off season in trying to improve their offense. And I could easily see them bringing on one of the top FA pitchers. I could also see Dipoto trading Crawford for a nice player and then signing one of the top FA SS. Texas - a ways away from doing anything. Houston - losing Greinke, Verlander. Which frankly, only helps them free up payroll. Correa will be a pretty substantial loss. I don't see them throwing the pile of money at him it's gonna take. Here's something fun to think about. They're coming off a 95 win season and they'll likely be looking for the same things the halos will. A SS, some SP, and bullpen help. Probably not in exactly the same ways, but we're gonna be competing with them to some degree. And if we are ever going to learn anything from these ahole cheaters, it's to let your top prospects mature. Tucker, Alvarez, McCullers, Garcia, Valdez, Urquidy, Javier. Basically, 4 of their starters (and maybe a 5th if they move Javier back into a starting role) are age 24-27. They could vie for the division for the next 5-6 years. Frack! Angels - a very good core offense and a solid core of young starters who have all been called into action way before they should have. They have two of the best players in baseball. They have a couple of potential star level or even super star OFers. If they were patient, they're probably a couple years away before guys like Detmers, Sandoval, Rodriguez and maybe Bachman, Suarez and Canning really come into their own. Around when they hit that 26-27ish range. By that time a bunch of the hard work they've been doing in latin america will start to pay off. And we'll start to see the last drafts bullpen hoard make it's way up. At that point, Trout would be 31, Rendon 33, and Ohtani 28. Until then I just hope they stay conservative and don't make any stupid trades monster multi year mega contracts. I'm not saying they should sit on their hands in the meantime and not spend money. In fact, the opposite. They are at a point where making some key FA acquisitions on short terms could really help the team and they might have a couple of seasons where things go right. Get the best pitcher you can on a 1-2 year deal (like a Scherzer) and overpay him. And for the love of everything decent and holy, get some shit right on some of these 1yr guys like a Marcus Semian or Robbie Ray, or Gausman from a year ago.
  4. a lot went right in 2002. That's the nature of a team that wins the world series for the most part. When you don't have a perfect roster, which most teams don't, then you've got to be San Fran or Boston and have a lot go your way
  5. Minasian needs to construct a roster that saves Maddon from himself.
  6. I think you could have avoided the use of a question mark.
  7. Interesting that they're looking for someone like this. It's either a bad sign and they should have already had one or it's a good sign and they're beefing up their analytics department. I'll bet it's the latter. And I like it. I like it a lot.
  8. a lot of us were using the statcast game feed. @Inside Pitch and @Blarg. Then it made us crankier than usual. So we stopped.
  9. the Angels allow 135 inherited runners to score. 1st in baseball albeit they had the most chances. By a lot btw. 365 runners inherited by the pen. next closest was bmore with 335 and after that the cubs had 278. this is really interesting btw. To have inherited almost 100 more runners vs. the third closest. The brewers allow 152.
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