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  1. 9 years ago last week we traded for Vernon Wells. HA!!!
  2. btw, STOP RUINING THE ONLY ANGEL'S BASEBALL THREAD ON THIS BOARD!!! all caps means I'm yelling. It's an interwebs thing.
  3. 10 years ago it would still be loading.
  4. 'I don't think the Astros could be anymore unlikable' Verlander: 'Hold my Appletini'
  5. a list of supposedly great baseball movies and no mention of The Natural.
  6. in before people piss and moan about Eppler not getting anyone else on that list.
  7. I'm really liking our top 20-25 or so right now. So many guys to dream on with huge ceilings. I know they aren't all going to be major leaguers or reach their potential but it makes for a really fun group to follow. I'm super pumped to see a bunch of rookie ball and DSL guys start to make the jump to the next levels. Plus, it doesn't include a bunch of guys who recently lost their eligibility to be on the list like Canning, Suarez, Fletcher, Rengifo, Thaiss, Walsh, Ward, Herm etc. Our minor league system is fun to watch again.
  8. the Angels have substantially improved. There is no myopia in thinking that. They have no control over what other teams do. Matching their rivals move for move year to year is a recipe for long term failure. Myopia is acknowledging what others have done without acknowledging the Angles. where I find many of these discussions ridiculous is the lack of understanding and acknowledgement of the long and short term impact of the alternatives. I don't care for Teheran or Bundy all that much but I understand what it would have taken to do better than that.