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  1. I don't understand something. If the whole league will not be spending much for FAs this offseason due to CV and revenue issue, then where is Simmons getting this money to go elsewhere? Seems to me the CV issue may make it more likely that Simmons returns since there will be less options (offers/money) now available and returning to his team for the past several years makes the most sense. Whereas before, we'd maybe need to make a 4-5+ year offer, now you could envision 2-3 years (& less per/year money) since there won't be big money offers coming for much or any FAs this offseason. If that's the theory for FAs, then returning where he is familiar, has a good relationship, team has a need for next couple years, etc. is more of a possibility now. But maybe that's an obvious most.
  2. I’m not sure I’m buying what those articles are selling. It just doesn’t make any sense logically to me. Sure inside and close is the worst for spreading. But outside and super close is bad on its own too. The argument that the protests kept non-protesters at home and isolated- thus keeping the spread low is just ridiculous agenda speak. It’s like saying I cheated on you because I love you so much (that doesn’t work). You can be pro anti-racism and still see that there’s a problem and negative consequence to the close gather protest. It’s not either/or.
  3. Posey opts out. That’s big. Has twin adopted daughters born premature. Selfishly (which i don't blame him at all), it makes perfect sense for him to do: rich, team has ZERO chance to win, at end of career, has won two rings, getting paid small percentage of salary for this season, etc.
  4. Actually, there was protesters in the EU. Not as much as in the US, but there was and it still is going on.
  5. No offensive De Horta (i'm sure you're a wonderful person), but i hope we don't see you pitch this year for the LA Angels.
  6. Yeah, i probably didn't word that very well. I meant you need to have the guy be on both the 26-30 game day well as be part of the 60 player pool. The 60 player pool is easier obviously and you could use such a specialist in that group. It's the gameday roster that would be more difficult. But maybe it's possible this year since i supposed (?) it's easier to move guys back & forth amongst that. IDK, i haven't looked into what the rules are for moving guys on/off the game day roster from the 60 man for this 2020 season.
  7. Hmm, yeah it is an odd one. His OF throws do not appear to show a great arm. Looks like he's barely making it to the mound from the OF. But hard to tell. I guess he'd has to be able to throw 60+ feet as a P (lol). It got me thinking, with a larger game day roster and the cost just $20K to sign a guy, you could find a super fast college stolen base expert (if there were such a guy) to sit on the bench waiting for the perfect late game situation. That might be a valuable weapon -- if you had the extra roster spot available. Or even a guy who is the best bunter available. But again, that's only if you had expanded rosters and can afford an extra spot on the bench / 60 man. I'm guessing not. But just spit-balling.
  8. "On the Road" -- I can still remember reading that as a 21 yr old roadie on a western states music tour. Still to this day my favorite book of all-time. Perfect book for me at that time in my life. Hopefully Teheran treats his body better than I did at that, Good times
  9. lol OK, guy. Obviously you can't read. You also are not very educated either ("retarded" -- really dude, really? better than that). I said i agreed with the post. I then mention that i see people (not Patty).....I even at the end (which you so carefully didn't include) again how i was not talking about Patty's post (quoting myself: "I'm not saying you specifically are saying this at all -- i just see this comment all over the place by people and it makes me SMH".). I'm not sure why you care so much. But i wasn't saying anything about Patty....except for AGREEING with it lol. Nice fake outrage.
  10. Except i actually explained in said post exactly why i was making my comment. I even said that the person i quoted had nothing to do with my comment and was not an aim of such. So nice try tough guy/girl. Is there some kind of daily quota of attacking posters that i'm not aware of? Or is there some personal nerve i accidentally hit that pushed you too far? Either way, continue to fire away at me -- I can handle it (that way future others who can't don't get the brunt of your made-up internet anger smh). Also, Is there also a rule on AngelsWin for not commenting on anything except for the OG post. Sorry to have failed this rule. I'm so embarrassed to be the one and only person to have done so. Reading this site for many years, it's been such a pleasure never seeing that ever happen ever. The only site ever to never have a topic move even slightly off rails in any direction whatsoever. Imagine that John Lennon.
  11. i agree with most here that Trout needs to bat 2nd. Get that trout/Ohtani/Rendon threesome up as soon as possible. Wow, i've forgotten what a great hitter Rendon is and the excitement of adding him to the lineup. If Upton were to have a bounce back year, even just a bit, daaaaang. Sure the P is an issue, but at least the games will be exciting.
  12. You are 100% correct with this comment. I was wrong to say AngelsWin in general. There are many on here who are smart and good people. I really meant people in general on the internet itself. But really, i should have narrowed to a specific person like you. I didn't have an opinion that I was trying to get anyone to agree with me on. I'm not that small of a person. But when someone tries to quote me incorrectly and infer something erroneously, then i'm going to point it out. Obviously, again, it shows how difficult basic reading and comprehension can be for some people in this world.