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  1. Carpino & Arte when looking in the mirror during this baseball organization evaluation process: What angel fans see when looking at Carpino/Arte baseball FO decisions:
  2. We need to stop with this FA savior thing year after year after year after year....and start developing our own players. Overpaid and most prime years (if not all) gone. Identify and draft / Int'l sign players -- and develop them properly. We will then either have our own or at least have guys we can use as trades to acquire a SP in his prime (mainly the former). Stop chasing the rabbit -- be the rabbit!
  3. I'm still waiting for any impact from our 2016 & 2019 college drafted position players. Heck, you can add 2015 in there as well (last 2-3 weeks notwithstanding). How long Did CJ Cron take to make an impact after being drafted in 2011? We need pitchers -- plain and simple. Anything else is a fail imho.
  4. I feel sad for anyone who needs 'internet approval' for their self-esteem.
  5. The unbalanced schedule makes 2020 record seem unfair a bit. But it's not like adding 2019 is any more logical. Selfishly, adding 2019 would be great since it moves us up two spots and drops Tex out of the top two (behind us) and drops Boston. Only downside is it moves Seattle above us. But that's worth it compared to all the benefits. Regardless, it's likely wishful thinking.
  6. I know nothing about any of these dudes -- but would gladly take one of them into the Angels organization come July 2021: 10. Jonathan Cannon, RHP, Georgia Cannon is the next strong-armed pitcher from a Georgia program that saw Emerson Hancock (Mariners) and Cole Wilcox (Padres) sign for a combined $9 million this summer. He didn't allow a run in 11 2/3 relief innings last spring, sitting in the mid-90s and showing signs of a plus slider and changeup, and there's plenty of projection remaining in his 6-foot-6, 207-pound frame. 11. Ty Madden, RHP, Texas Cowser's best friend and hi
  7. I agree -- he looked impressive in the short sample and like he belonged (unlike some of our young guys). I'd definitely let him fight for the 2B job and would hope he'd win; thereby saving some $$$ to use elsewhere. I'm not sure the new GM (Dom) will feel the same way due to King Arte desiring the playoffs -- i fear we will overspend on yet another a middle infielder and waste funds as usual.
  8. Only if Arte has someone better in mind and that person wants to join. If firing just to get someone new, then probably not. I am assuming Arte has not only identified someone but also agreed upon a deal -- thus yes.
  9. Is the same person who fired Eppler the same person who gave him a secrete one year extension a couple months ago? Hopefully not the same person hiring the next GM.
  10. Harsh how quickly. Nice blame game by the top
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