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  1. Maybe our 8 scouts all specialize in pitching. Hopefully we can hire one catching scout for next years draft
  2. I actually like what they've done with all the Ps. Some of them are lottery ticket types...which is good. I just am surprised and a bit disappointed there hasn't been one catcher thrown into the mix at some point. But whatevs...all good
  3. WWW.JerrytheJedi_Fantasydraft2021.com
  4. really hope we're saving a few bucks the last several picks -- to use on an overslot HS guy
  5. Keep em coming -- Perry the bartender
  6. I don't know who you are...nor do i see anything about you....but welcome to the Angels Jake!
  7. Last two picks have been uninspiring -- at least from a MLB draft rankings perspective (which likely doesn't mean much at all). Still...hope a stud HS pitcher or catcher is coming soon
  8. In the 4th round, i don't mind taking a guy who is very likely (or even for sure) a RP. If you think he's good, then take him. Angels sure as heck could use some high quality, home grown RPs right now. So no problem with it -- if the scouts (all 8 of them) believe in the guy then great...i'm in
  9. Big time tells you what Perry thinks of our farm system and where we are lacking
  10. Another college pitcher -- awesome! high floor, low ceiling -- meh. I'll still take it over a MI/OF
  11. Lets go pitcher again in 3rd round. HS -- Thatcher Hurd College route -- Sean Burke
  12. Looks a little Skaggs like being so tall throwing that curve. Wonder if this means we're not getting Sam under slot. Still possible i guess -- for use in 3+. But looking less likely now.
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