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  1. It's the stages of grief for Angel fans annually on the starting pitching. After failure to obtain the necessary SP, this is about step 8 -- irrational acceptance of current SP and thinking it's going to be different/better this year. That one month Heaney was healthy and great -- extrapolate that out for 2021 and he's a #2. Ohtani stays healthy and he's an Ace. Canning becomes Bauer V2.0. Quintana suddenly thinks it's 2016 Fact is -- Angels SP sucks. Bauer (or some other Ace trade acq) would greatly improve it immediately to an acceptable level to compete in the playoffs. Otherwise
  2. If you don’t see the difference - well no education on my behalf will matter.
  3. I’ll never understand the interest in and usage of social media.
  4. If we can’t get Bauer, then Taillon + a good RP or two + semi-decent RF is not a bad alternative. Shorten the game with bullpen. But risky again with so much injury issues for Rotation.
  5. There is no incongruent thought in my side. Relying on unproven prospects that might not even become MLB players is a risky business. Relying on them to pitch a full season is even more so. Relying on them to pitch a full season after the year before being totally limited in development and building arm strength with innings is just plain foolish.
  6. I’m saying we need some SPs signed more than one year. Whether that be extensions or acquiring via FA/trade. It’s ridiculous that we have canning & Ohtani as the only SPs signed beyond this year. Don’t tell me about barria, detmer, Sandoval, etc. Those guys should not be relied upon for 30+ starts next year. So signing yet another one year FA on top of what we have and going into next year with one SP (canning) and a question mark (SO) and prospects makes zero sense. At a minimum, we need the next SP to be signed beyond this year. But I’d also look into extending Bundy too
  7. AJ: you are automatically adding in three 2022 Angel FAs into next year’s rotation. Do you see the problem facing the team for next year?!?
  8. We’ll be right back here in 10-12 months after another disappointing season of missing the playoffs and in desperate need for top SP. Looking forward to the draft at least.
  9. Bingo. That's the problem i have with the Quintana signing and no (yet) FA/Trade -- nobody signed after this year. There's a lot of age and injury concerns on that FA list for next year. But as currently set, we need to get two of those guys at least. Now if we get Bauer and extend Bundy, then we are set and can allow Detmers, Rodriguez and even Sandoval, Barria, Saurez, etc. fight for back end starts in 2022. Maybe just some cheap vet for depth, but no requirement for big $$$ long year risky FA investments in SPs.
  10. We always seem to think that -- but with these elite FAs, there is always someone that eventually pays up. Plus Bauer being the one guy who would be willing to take a shorter deal, even more so teams like the LADs could snatch him up. Bauer will get his money....whatever contract path (1-6 years) he ends up deciding on.
  11. anywhere but Anaheim. I'll be absolutely shocked and blown away if he ends up signing with the Angels -- happily so. But my uninformed opinion is near zero chance.
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