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  1. It’s early in the season. But for as bad as Q has been to start, Cobb has been the opposite. Dude has been great. Jam Jones who? Who cares!
  2. lol....ok, that's odd & weird (in a good way) finding something that far back. Well done. You likely were correct in that i was thinking of a different poster or maybe a different FA when referencing you with Heyward. although, to be fair, it does sound like you are saying you would want Heyward at that time for a contract less than 10 years (5-7+) and even willing to pay extra per year for a shorter time. My main point was not meant to hit at you at all. Your original response in that thread got me thinking about the annoyance of some who feel they are always right and using an
  3. The problem is when people who use "analytics" think it's the end all and ALWAYS correct. It is a great tool to help find something that's not obvious (immediate results). Many times it's correct -- especially compared to simply a scout/evaluator. But when it's used as the 100% always correct and the other guy is wrong argument -- that's when i have a problem. You can tout the examples that support analytics proofs on guys.....but it's not 100%. There are many, many analytic misses. Just like the greatest talent evaluator/scout isn't 100% right all the time. It drives me crazy when some
  4. Posters who went on & on this off-season about how great of a pickup Q was and that he’s nothing like the Eppler one year SP acquisitions - not looking good for your evaluation skills
  5. If this game Rained out, does it still count as a Pujols game and we get Walsh back in?
  6. Man I really wanted Joe Musgrove on the Angels this past off-season. Having said that, SD gave up more than I even expected. May turn out to be well worth it to them though.
  7. I’m not sure I understand the point - didn’t we fire Eppler already like months ago?
  8. This seems like a perfect example of a game that should be protested and ruled in their favor. They should play out the rest of the game in the near future with that call being the 2nd out. Which means it won't.
  9. horrible call by ump. He literally moved his elbow forward into the ball. Regardless, ball was in strike zone -- you can't have a HBP if the ball is in the strike zone. Might as well stand over home plate and let the ball hit you in the stomach/chest. Idiot baseball.
  10. Luis Castillo is just sucking for now so he can get traded to angels this season (wishful thinking)
  11. Bundy going to make PM regret not getting an extension done this offseason.
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