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  1. @AgentRachelLuba post is not there now, but interesting..........
  2. I would be ok trading one of Marsh or Adell for a pitching prospect ready to go.
  3. Snell was unbeliveable in the final game of the world series. He was taken out when he should not have been having struck out their best multiple times and was almost unhittable. You could see at the time, he was pissed and looked like he did want to be there. When they lost I thought, he wants out, what a pick up he would be. Whats not to like, a player that had a 2.8 era in the 2020 postseason and has constantly pitched 100 pitches in a game that is now just heading into his prime. Get him in Angels colours please!!! Finally a chance to get a proven playoff pitcher! But no, we'l
  4. I agree. Possibly a few bench clearings as well! Very understandable though!!!
  5. Sorry, this makes no sense. We have OF depth. Pederson is out of contract at seasons end and will be after best $$$. Pederson holds up Adell and Marsh and does nothing to assist our SP issues.
  6. Heaney - 15 Wins, 200K and 3.7ERA
  7. Who would you prefer to be on the Angels roster for the next 3 years?
  8. I would sign Keuchel or Ryu and trade for Caleb Smith, that would give us enough $$ for Rendon.
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