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  1. My guess: Odorizzi on a 3yr deal, Hand on a 2 yr deal and possibly Adam Duvall on a 1 yr deal.
  2. I hear that this may be Snell driven due to the way they managed him, including quick pulls this last post season. This certainly deserves it's own thread.
  3. This is without a doubt a big piece that the Angels need. What would you trade for that piece? I wouldn't pull Adel off the table here.
  4. Then you know, its interesting and a fun distraction. And it's not a window. Its a 2nd grader level finger painting. Not really relevant to the right mix of resources.
  5. Strat doesn't work that way. The mere existence of the possible tribute nono is why projected stats for Strat cards is even more random in these results. In the Strat world, it is possible for a pitcher with a real 2.00 ERA over 200 innings 20 HRs can (and by experience sometimes does) end a replay season with 3.50 over 200 and 40+ HRs allowed. Simulation is kewl, but I wouldn't read any future REAL results as likely based on it. Probably not even probable.
  6. Now that Philly has taken that insanity pill called Harper, perhaps the Angels brass can pilfer some possible value out of that overcrowded outfield. I'd target Roman Quinn, but Aaron Altherr may also surprise if given a shot in the system. Not a Calhoun fan long term.
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