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  1. Lol. Posted by Fox News with James O'Keefe.
  2. Mike Lindell's Frank 'Free Speech' Site to Ban Swearing, Porn, Taking God's Name in Vain https://www.newsweek.com/mypillow-ceo-mike-lindell-frank-platform-ban-swearing-porn-gods-name-vain-1583151
  3. The problem wasn't that Trump blamed China. We all know where it came from. The problem was that he would never shut the fuck up about.
  4. Mitch wanted them to stay out of politics. The Washington Post: More than a hundred corporate executives hold call to discuss halting donations and investments to fight controversial voting bills https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/04/11/companies-voting-bills-states/
  5. Tied for 22nd now. I won't be surprised if he just blows his brains out at the end of the weekend knowing he has nothing left to offer.
  6. Did you catch a glimpse of Ms Larusso's piece of shit car?
  7. https://apnews.com/article/dmx-earl-simmons-dead-a9151285bb3e6334154afe4773d8b74f
  8. https://news.yahoo.com/texas-senate-passes-bill-requiring-teams-with-government-contracts-to-play-the-national-anthem-025936653.html The bill that gained traction after the Mavericks temporarily stopped playing the anthem now advances to the Texas House.
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