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  1. Let's compromise, and say poor people only count for 3/5ths a vote.
  2. They should have to be land owners too.
  3. Explain to me how one goes from A Bernie supporter to a Trump supporter. Seems so bizarre to me. If 2020 is between Bernie, and Trump, are you still for Trump?
  4. They became friendly after he won. Prior to that, they despised him.
  5. It is a quote from the episode. i think that was one of the last few episodes I watched. I think they took it off for a year, and brought it back. My memory may be fuzzy on that though.
  6. Look at MT, who never has anything relevant to add to the conversation!
  7. It is a large article, with lots of information to digest.
  8. “By canceling it, by opting out of it, it allows us to jump to the, what is gonna be the inevitable conclusion, that President Trump will be getting our delegates at the National Convention in Charlotte,” a Nevada GOP spokesperson told multiple media outlets in September, after the vote. Republican parties in at least three other states also canceled their primaries, as part of an effort to make the path more difficult for these challengers — and smoother for Trump. The Republican Party of South Carolina — like Nevada, a crucial early nominating state — voted in September not to hold a primary, as did Kansas and Arizona.
  9. Hey, you decided to read the article! I'm proud of you.