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  1. Just got a text from my brother. Heading there now to get the weekend started.
  2. I wouldn't call it big, but yes they had one. When they finally finished the longest remodel in history, the Trump flag didn't make it. Neither did the Jeff Devanon poster.
  3. If you make a left on Santa Maragarita, right on Los Alisos to Trabuco, there is a pizza place located in that complex that has Kern River Citra on draft. $11 for a schooner.
  4. No serious person can dispute this. Edit: I also have been thinking about the whole Bottle Logic thing, and my answer is still no.
  5. Melania will just reinstate it a month later, and claim it as her own.
  6. “About a week after the attack some service members were STILL experiencing some symptoms of concussion,” the official said, adding: “We only got wind of this in the last 24 hours.” You left out a key word there.
  7. Obviously this video was taken prior to him getting his new high-end 65 inch television.
  8. That doesn't effect my life though, so who gives a fuck? Lolz are the only thing I care about.
  9. By chaotic, you mean well oiled machine, right?
  10. Parnas directly implicates president in first TV interview: "Trump knew exactly what was going on" | Also, Pence, and @DevinNunes were involved.