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  1. I would never encourage anyone to go to Chinatown. That place blows.
  2. So it went from 15 cases to 0? That's news to me.
  3. I don't know how many times I have to post it. Maddow's information was based on what was told to her based on the Pentagon's statements. I've backed this up with links with direct quotes. So my question is to the cons that want to point out Maddow's statement about the medical ship arrival time, what is their answer as to why Trump said it would go from 15 cases to 0? Where we're their posts on that? What information was he basing that on? This is the last fucking time time I'm going to post this, because it's obvious no one can answer it. So you all keep circle jerking yourselves about Maddow, and continue to ignore the lies from Trump.
  4. Incorrect, I have posted multiple times where Maddow got her information from. Nice try though.
  5. I have no beef with you, or anyone here. Just voicing my opinion.
  6. So he gets a pass? I just find it ironic that people want to pile on Rachel Maddow, who was stating something based on given information, but are perfectly happy ignoring Trump's lies. If pointing this out means everyone on this board is laughing at me, I don't fucking care.
  7. They can laugh at me all they want. I find it hilarious that the cons on here seem to ignore all the lies Trump says, while pretending to care what Rachel Maddow says. Apparently they hold a person that has a one hour show on MSNBC to a higher standard than the POTUS. I've already posted multiple times why she said what she said. I have still yet to to see one fucking post as to why Trump said it would go from 15 cases to 0.
  8. How? By constantly lying,and holding back medical equipment from states whose governors don't kiss his ass?
  9. Coronavirus: Video shows Fox News shift to take COVID-19 seriously - Business Insider Once again, I ask why, and where did Trump get his information that it was going from 15 cases to 0?
  10. Lou doesn't take positions to defend. He's just here to laugh at people that do.