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  1. @Jeff Fletcher is always gracious with his time here and in person with myself and others from AW.
  2. Wow, back to back RBI triples for Ohtani. Now tied for second in all of baseball with 7 triples. He also has 97 RBI and 98 runs.
  3. I love Jayson Stark's take on Ohtani here. "Man is supposed to dream. Dream of doing things that have never been done before. This guy dreams! That's what he's doing. And he's allowing us to enjoy the dream. Why can't you enjoy the dream along with the rest of us?"
  4. Chuckster70


    Heck yeah. Boxing 4-5 days a week + some lite or heavy weights, core work and a healthy diet does wonders.
  5. I just found out that with my united healthcare plan I get Apple Fitness for 1-year free. Maybe I'll try that out for a year and if I like it go with the apple one + later. I may just get the 256 GB now if they let me change my order. Thanks, @nate
  6. How much is the iCloud? Maybe I don't need the 512 GB if there's online storage.
  7. Yeah I just ordered the iPhone 13 pro 512 GB.
  8. Ah my bad. I thought it was his first start in AAA. Must have missed the first two.
  9. The Los Angeles Angels of September Silver Linings.
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