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  1. Hi @Lou, Walker has an ERA of 4.05 after hurling 6 shutout innings against the Rangers tonight. His ERA based on 3 or more starts (Sandoval excluded) would put him second best to Dylan Bundy among starting pitchers on our team. My point of going after him was that he was cheap, young & high upside. Just to keep you updated my friend. Cc: @Taylor
  2. I think the Angels are going to be off to the races after this series. Let's take 2/3 from the Dodgers next. One game, one series at a time!
  3. Well we did take 2 out of 3 from the 1st place A's & we got robbed of a home run that would have tied the game at 5-5. The bullpen's results & management thereof may have played out differently in a tied game. That said, hold your heads up fans! This is the start of a good run!
  4. The A's have always been good at putting together a good bullpen, unlike Eppler with his pitching staffs. I hope with the Bundy trade it's a sign of good things to come in terms of dealing for a guy who could benefit in another uniform that's more focused on drawing out a pitchers strengths.
  5. That last pitch by Middleton was 100 mph. Thing is, dude can't command his pitches half of the time so I don't think he'll be the closer anytime soon like @Jeff Fletcher suggested a few days ago.
  6. I agree. Alex Curry while cute, just comes across as a HS cheerleader type with a mic in her hand. Bathe's approach is more professional. I miss Jaime Maggio!
  7. He came into today's game with a solid 3.14 ERA. Just didn't have it today, but I like him long term.
  8. Oh okay, I missed that part. How many games did MLB suspend him for?
  9. We had the #2 starting pitching in the AL coming into this game today. But you're right, our bullpen needs some serious help.