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  1. Three years ago they were picked to finish dead last. That's my point. There have been plenty of teams in baseball that the so-called experts predicted failure, only to see said teams make the playoffs. They've earned the respect now, but based on their roster two years ago nobody saw it coming.
  2. I've wondered why the Mets haven't given Lugo a longer look for a spot in the rotation yet. Weird. That said, I'd love to trade Bedrosian and say a pitching prospect for him and give him a crack at the rotation.
  3. Or not because it's baseball. Nobody thought the A's would win 97 games two years ago and in back to back seasons.
  4. @CoolOutB I was wondering what happened to you. Super stoked you're back! How have you been? What's new?
  5. I would love to sign Cameron Maybin to platoon with Goodwin in RF and spell Upton defensively in LF. Both Maybin and Goodwin can also play CF if Trout needs a DH day too. In addition to Maybin, I would really like to take a flier on Tajuan Walker. Have him compete with all the rest of the guys for a rotation spot. What are some other deals you would make?