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  1. I hope we barely see him based on a majority of blowouts like tonight!
  2. One more time for the folks in the front please.
  3. Vasgersian is good and we're going to love him.. hell I already love listening to him. That said, he's still in ST in terms of broadcasting. He's been off a bit on some historical stuff and the way he's seeing things on his monitor of the game vs. what we're seeing. I've also seen that he's a little delayed from Gubi and the rest of us. Is he doing the call from home with a different video feed or?
  4. Time to test our depth. Good production from the depth within the org ultimately determines how far any good team goes in a season, because every team that makes the playoffs and even those who win a WS has key injuries throughout a full season.
  5. I understand that. It's just overplayed and not funny anymore.
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