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  1. Ha, absolutely. Honestly you couldn't get me near one of those nowadays.
  2. I'm used to dealing with angry liberals & Karen's. That said I don't believe for one second that @tdawg87 actually wanted me to get the virus and die from it. I'm pretty sure I've already had it during my 3 month lockdown indoors after traveling for work in late January and early March. Tdawgs filter is a bit off, way off at times, but he's a good dude overall.
  3. Coronavirus: should everyone be wearing face masks? The World Health Organization (WHO) guidance on face masks has remained consistent during the coronavirus pandemic. It has stuck to the line that masks are for healthcare workers – not the public. “Wearing a medical mask is one of the prevention measures that can limit the spread of certain respiratory viral diseases, including Covid-19. However, the use of a mask alone is insufficient to provide an adequate level of protection, and other measures should also be adopted,” the WHO has stated. There is no robust scientific evidence – in the form of trials – that ordinary masks block the virus from infecting people who wear them. There is also concerns the public will not understand how to use a mask properly, and may get infected if they come into contact with the virus when they take it off and then touch their faces.
  4. You missed the first part about how I care about your mom and hope she's OK. I've said it over and over that we need to care for our elderly folks. Doctors and scientists are the ones saying this. A face mask should be worn when in tight courters with other strangers, I get it and I do it.
  5. I pray your mother is fine and has no complications. I will not be manipulated however, so don't even try here. I had a great time on the beach, in a packed church on Sunday and at a restaurant and bar here complying with the local laws. I wear a mask in stores or when it's required out of respect, BUT science has proven masks don't do shit. The rate of contracting this virus is mostly indoors and from touching objects/surfaces and then touching your face.
  6. Thankfully I'll still be here on Saturday for the launch. Hope it happens. If not I'm blaming Florida Man.
  7. Sweet. My neighbor just told me that we'll be able to see the SpaceX launch from our house today.
  8. I agree! Most of the rookies, prospects on the brink of the majors and minor leaguers just want to play. The high priced players and wealthy owners need to get with it and come to an agreement. America needs its greatest pastime back for more than just our entertainment!
  9. This is great. Looking forward to the 80's and 90's rosters @B.J. Martin I became a fan in 1979 during the Angels first playoff run and as a nine year old I put together a scrapbook of news clippings. Wish I still had that. But man, the 80's were pretty special for me as it was my first decade as a fan. I think I listened to nearly every game on the radio and watched almost every game as well during that time. The 90's were great because all of our top prospects came upon the scene, which led to the success of the 2002 World Series Championship.
  10. Good stuff @B.J. Martin. Thank you for sharing.
  11. I would like @D'Vontae to weigh in here.
  12. In response to Biden's if you vote for Trump then you're not Black comment today.