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  1. Or Marquez or Hendricks. While I wouldn't do it, if we offered one of Adell/Marsh along with Chris Rodriguez/Reid Detmers, we could get any of those top arms IMO.
  2. I think the only top guys available via trade are German Marquez, Kyle Hendricks or Sonny Gray. I would push really hard for Marquez or Hendricks as Gray will cost more IMO since they already lost Bauer and from what I understand they still want to compete in the NL Central. Marquez and Hendricks on teams trending toward a rebuild.
  3. What a load of all the shit emoji's. I'm not disagreeing with her intel on Bauer, but her take on the prospects is pretty ignorant.
  4. One thing that Maria Torres from the LA Times is full of shit on is that we don't have the "prospect capital" to make a trade and that all of our prospects pose too much risk. What a load of shit. If you look at some of these prospect packages that were sent off for legit starting pitchers, most of them did not include a Top-100 prospect and while you could argue that the Padres #10 prospect is better than our #5 prospect, every one of those prospects dealt posed an F'n risk. No prospects are a sure thing. The LA Slimes can suck it.
  5. Well, this was an unhealthy exercise. Can I opt out of the next one?
  6. @Jeff Fletcher can you confirm that the Angels have ZERO chance at Bauer based on the Maria Torres report?
  7. Back on our old blog before we became an all in one website with the forum & blog, we had Darren O'Day journal a couple times for us during spring training. Pretty cool stuff! Volume 1: https://angelswinblog.blogspot.com/2008/07/darren-oday-player-journal-2008.html Volume 2: https://angelswinblog.blogspot.com/2008/08/darren-oday-player-journal-2008-vol-2.html
  8. And yet I'm guessing he still knows more than Boob Nightengale!
  9. Based on what Schilling has done on the baseball field, especially in the postseason he should be a Hall of Famer yesterday. It's too bad that exercising first amendment rights has any bearing on getting selected to Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. The man didn't cheat like Bonds, A-Rod and Clemens. He should be in there based on his merits at his profession. It's stupid.
  10. Yeah I'm guessing they get Paxton for much cheaper than Bauer and then call it an offseason. They may also sign Walker who did very well for them after getting moved there last summer. They have two lefties already in Ryu and Ray.
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