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  1. i thought the goal was to keep it open until it reached 100 pages, which it did even though the thread was in the low 90's when it was canceled. lol
  2. Yep. We need to hold on to him in case Simmons demands a heavy price for an extension. That and I feel like Rengifo could be packaged with other prospects for a legit #2 type guy down the stretch.
  3. I closed it. You can view everything in the thread, you just can't post in it anymore unless you're a mod or admin. Really, there's no reason to comment any further on a trade that fell through. Maybe if Rengifo and/or Ward have big seasons we'll re-open it for @Lou to bump with some fresh updates!
  4. Any idea of the velo that our guys were throwing today, @Jeff Fletcher?
  5. Ward could end up being Goodwin's RF platoon partner until Adell is ready with a hot spring with the bat and if he proves he can handle the position defensively.
  6. Pujols and Upton with new setups at the plate. Both look to be in great shape too. Color me excited.
  7. First Paxton is out for a few months, German is suspended and now Severino out for the year.
  8. You'd rather it be his elbow that he bruised than his shoulder. This shouldn't be an issue if it's his elbow. It's not like you get TJ from landing on your elbow diving for a ball. It's probably just a deep bone bruise on the elbow.
  9. Portion control has always been my issue. I grew up with primarily my mom's side of the family which is Italian. My mom and grandma used to cook some mean pasta dishes, but the amount they would serve and that I would have to finish so I didn't get my ass whopped..damn. Anyhow, I carried that over into my adult life and I still struggle with portion control. Thankfully I workout enough now and get enough cardio in that it's not a problem. But for the 15-17 years that I took a hiatus from the gym, holy smokes I got fat and out of shape.
  10. Even if he started we would have lost because well, Thompson. Someone who is a long shot to make the team.