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  1. @Taylor I don't think you would post on your Facebook page that Devin Nunes is a piece of shit knowing a little about you, so if you wouldn't do it there why is it OK here? People that visit this website don't need to see that in a thread title or on my homepage. If it's in the discussion thread after the first post, I don't really care.
  2. I'm responsible for changing the thread title. You're lucky you got "piece of work" out of me. I love Devin Nunes and how he takes a massive Schiff on the entire democratic panel at these impeachment hearings. I think most of you liberals are some triggered snowflakes and funny, but I stay out of this forum for good reason. As I said in other threads, title your threads respectfully because they're fed to our homepage This is primarily an Angels website not a social media outlet like Twitter or Facebook for you to take a Schiff on people without consequence. Respect the privilege you have to talk politics here without causing problems or I can make this political forum go fully private or away for good.
  3. A podcast on How to get Trout to the playoffs and how will Gerrit Cole age.
  4. This is and will continue to be my biggest issue until we add another legit bat to the lineup. I get that starting pitching is the priority but save a little cash for another FA bat or trade for a proven offensive bat behind the dish. Here's the thing. Ohtani misses 3 games a week. I agree with @Adam on La Stella. I want to believe he'll duplicate what he did in 2019, but what if he doesn't? How many one-year wonders have we seen in baseball? How about Goodwin? Pujols? Can Upton stay healthy? Can Simmons stay healthy and improve on what was a very bad year offensively? No production from our current catchers. Hey, lots of offseason to address these things but there's undoubtedly question marks on offense after Trout and 3-4 days of Ohtani in our lineup. Fletcher is the only other lock on who will provide some offense, albeit with no power.
  5. Sorry @tdawg87 but our forum threads are fed elsewhere on the interwbez, including our homepage. So your thread title wasn't going to fly! That said, here you go. Just pretend these are Mike Trout's balls. Baseballs.
  6. Gerrit Cole's first game for the Angels against his former team on national tv.
  7. Good God if we finish SECOND to Wheeler and Cole in the FA sweepstakes I don't think there's enough water in the world to put out the fire here and save this place from total destruction.
  8. I believe the Rangers are another team to worry about in terms of spending stupid money this offseason.
  9. Angels were interested.... Hopefully they're more interested in Wheeler than the White Sox.
  10. I have a bad feeling the White Sox are going to best us on an offer to Wheeler.