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  1. F'n Tim Mead. BTW, he extended us an invite to the Hall of Fame for an AW tour. That should REALLY be a thing we all do.
  2. Nah dude, let's kick politics to the side. I have a workout plan where you can eat carbs and drink and lose weight. If you're chill, because I am let's talk offline.
  3. That feature of ours needs to be used more often for some. Especially for those who are so thin skinned and leave because they don't agree with someone's political takes or posting style.
  4. I still think that we'll go for a cheaper 2B via FA and make Fletcher the starting SS.
  5. What did I miss besides what I was tagged in last night by @Lhalo? I haven't viewed this forum for a couple weeks.
  6. I'm pretty close with a few liberal versions of Brian Ilten, one of which has been on my Friday virtual happy hour for going on 8 months now. What's great is both Brian and Matt get along great. Their politics couldn't be more polar opposite. John Taylor is another one. It's not about ones political affiliation that make a friendship work. There are levels of respect and other character/personality traits & interests that make a friendship happen.
  7. Again, I've said this before and I'll say it again @Stradling. I've come to a place in my life where less is more in terms of who I chose to associate with, not just in person but especially on social media. Quality > Quantity. I have many democrat & far left liberal friends & family members and we get along great. I have many of these friends who are like family to me and they're over my house all the time. What I don't have to put up with is someone who acts like an asshole who is an acquaintance or old friend who I have met once or twice from this website or haven't se
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