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  1. A-Rod once blew a kiss to me in between pitches with Jeter laughing his ass off cause I was heckling A-Rod on how pretty I thought he was... Also Lance Berkman and I playfully went at it for a whole game when I was sitting behind the Stros dugout... during the game I saw him signing a ball to which he walked over and gave to me, only to find out moments later he didn’t really sign the ball but wrote Suck My Balls on it which got a good laugh out of all of us in our group and the Stros bench
  2. Dude I really don’t think payment would be needed for that action with Tdawg
  3. just texted a friend who's a huge Marlin's (yeah I too was shocked to know there is such a thing when we first met) and he said he liked Keller a lot and that he thinks this kid could be a serviceable bullpen guy in the future
  5. ... and HalosHangout strikes again...On December 20th ettin created a Chris Archer trade target thread and hours ago HalosHangout posted an article with strikingly similar talking points to what was in ettin's original thread
  6. Their feed comes up a lot on Bleacher Report and most of the topics HalosHangout writes about are blatant ripoffs of things that are talked about here. Like you know how Chuck posted something about what is the most you would trade for Mike Clevinger a day ago, which will be a NEW article on their site a day or two after
  7. most of the twitter replies back from Brave fans have not been negative... lots a of Brave fans wishing him luck and showing some love
  8. Even better than the year we got Vladdy, Bartolo, Escobar and Guillen???