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  1. This team need defense. If Butera can improve our pitching performance, I welcome him with no bat.
  2. https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1110060132312834049/pu/vid/1280x720/yswMh2jILZKCUsvl.mp4 https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/944968869965213696/pu/vid/638x360/Fvib_6pFytomo9_2.mp4 5SP rotaition without Ohtani and use him as Wildcard is the best way for our team, I believe.
  3. I think he should not pitch a lot next year for his elbow issue, at least ST to AS break. I am not sure which way will be better for him, SP or DH : Need 1day rest after his pitch, and in 2018, he required 1day for preparation. DH and RP : Need 1day rest after his pitch, but he can be at bat till he pitch. but assign Ohtani as SP may cause bad effect to SP rotation, I am afraid.
  4. I think we should assign Ohtani as extra SP or RP for long relief, even if he can pitch great next year. Then we can expect his Bat at the beginning, no need to worry about the run out of pitch number of SP. For example, June 14 case, Heaney to Ohtani to Robles. It may avoid Bullpen overwork and save Ohtani's innnings per year. Rays began the opener, let we start something new.
  5. My question is who will take care of his daily life. He can't use both hands right?
  6. I am afraid that TJ surgery requires Tendon from another arm or legs, so it may reduce his hitting power etc. Pitcher can sacrifice his Non pitching Arm, that will make sense. But how about 2 way player?
  7. TJ may reduce his hitting power. Seth Maness method is better way, I think.
  8. I wonder why do you all put trust on the Medical Stuff's Diagnosis. New UCL damage after 50 pitch means logically, 1: Medical Stuff could not find it on June so could not care about it. 2: His ligament is so worn out that easy to tear. It is suspicious that they anounce 2 coz to protect themselves.
  9. Ohtani should hire housekeeper for kitchen work to keep his finger dry, then he can throw full during pen. Btw, I support the idea that keep 1 SP in bullpen for long relief, it may help tie situation.
  10. If use Ohtani as SP, need at least 1 guy who good at slow breaking ball.
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