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  1. Yes there are clearly allegations worthy of investigation. I'm not sure what his employment contract looks like, so the procedures involved may take extra time. Since he hasn't publicly admitted anything like the others I mentioned, that may be the case. If the Angels were to fire him without following the procedures, he would be owed his salary. So perhaps the Angels are fully investigating per their contracts in order to not have to pay him? Or at least that's one reason
  2. The Mets guy admitted to it, so they let him go. The Mariners guy said it on leaked video, so they let him go. Callaway doesn't have anything public like that, so still waiting to complete the investigation.
  3. Not sure where Odorizzi ends up at this point, but his asking price must still be high.
  4. 14/340 with 4 years of team control comes out to ~30 million per free agent year. .301/.374/.582, 39 hr, 27 stl, 150 wRC+, 6.5-7 war in his 143 career games. Not bad, really
  5. He absolutely is 2-3 years older. So then his prime is shifted, and the decline starts to look more natural. The signing made sense from the business side more than the baseball side, and that was clear in the beginning. So the Pujols deal is fine by me. On a separate note, Richards hurting his knee while covering first is the turning point in my head
  6. Frankly, winning the world series isn't the goal for most team owners. It's not like Arte is an exception here.
  7. So he would have made less money if he were less bad. Interesting
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