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  1. Poor word choice. How much capital is required to start a new location
  2. How much capital is required to start a INO franchise?
  3. Solo in Europe for over a month now. Currently in German countryside, and honestly feel safer here than America's dumb ass. So I'm planning to stay put here as long as I can.
  4. Like I said earlier, I like the fries while they're hot. I eat them with ketchup first, within the first 5 minutes, then I eat my burger. Unorthodox, but the timing works well for me. Also, this eliminates fries from any to go order because they become packing peanuts before you get home. To go is burger only. (This isn't exclusive to INO).
  5. They also tested extensively, while the US is barely even trying.
  6. Nobody has even brought up animal style fries
  7. I actually like the fries.. For about 3 minutes until they become packing peanuts
  8. The full 20 page report is linked, but tweets summarize the gist of it. Worth checking out to understand what's to come.
  9. MLB postponed indefinitely, so we'll see about this.
  10. Easily. I wouldn't trust any numbers in America right now
  11. No, just the way the virus acts. It spreads exponentially. Italy is two weeks further into the curve than the US. It's actually ~8-9 days behind for France/Spain/Germany and ~11 days behind for the US. So within that time frame, you will see case numbers starting to look more and more like Italy. Except the US isn't really testing, so who knows what the real numbers are. Here's an article I found.
  12. Hadn't thought about this, but very good points!