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  1. I agree, but it takes two to sign a contract.
  2. You may well be right, but I do not accept that as fact.
  3. It's not a perfect analogy. But Ryu is coming off a career year and the Angels would be paying for that. And I would not expect either of them to come close to being as good as they have been. With Cole or Strasburg, I would at least have some hope.
  4. The most frustrated I've been in an offseason was before the 2007 season, when Arte promised a "big bat" and the team ended up with GMJ. The talk this offseason about the Angels having money to spend, and almost every credible source assuming the Angels were going to land Cole... I'm getting depressed just thinking about the possibility of not ending up with any of the top-tier free agent pitchers. If that happens, I would definitely support your plan of building from within and not overpaying for Ryu or MadBum. Those strike me as the pitching equivalent of GMJ. BUT... that means yet another season watching Trout's prime go by while we all pray things break the right way. Which is also depressing.
  5. Think how glad you are to have seen an Angels championship this century. That driver could be in his or her 30s and still never have seen the Dodgers win the title. That's sad.
  6. Heaney ahead of Canning? That's cute. "Top five" rotations do not have Heaney as their #3 pitcher.
  7. I would love this, but... what do you possibly have in mind? Is anyone giving up cheaper prospects one-year-away-from-the-bigs for Pujols or Upton or Cozart?
  8. No. But I also would have said that about Brandon Wood in 2006.
  9. Yep, that one came to mind, as well as his 4th-of-July walkoff in '14. I thought of a bunch of them before reading the list. Pujols's "milestones" didn't even enter my mind.
  10. Pujols 600th home run and 3000th hit constitute two of them? Good Lord, no. Also, the Angels rallying against Rodney in 2014, with the accompanying mock-arrow-shooting from Trout and Pujols, would be my #4 after the three no-hitters. (Also, of course, that was against the Mariners.)
  11. You took the words out of my mouth. If the Angels devote their assets/money to anything other than starting pitching, I will be disappointed. If they do so for a reliever who will likely never again reach his past level, I will be disgusted. I don't want us to be talking about a "must win" game next September when Heaney is taking the mound. Fix the starting pitching.
  12. Can you whip out something 12 inches long so I can have some perspective? Like... a ruler
  13. My first reaction was: 'With all the shitty things that happen to innocent people in this world, do I really care what happened to that guy?'
  14. I bought one of those for my parents as a Christmas present, probably the same model as you got. I've decided if the Angels make a couple of big FA acquisitions (one in particular) I'm going to purchase an 82" TV for the upcoming season.
  15. Upton was crap last season but put up 3.8 bWAR in '18 and 5.8 bWAR in '17. I have more faith in him bouncing back than I do Price.