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  1. I'm more cynical; I believe they fully understand the consequences anytime they break a story like this. They just weigh it against the number of clicks they will get and choose the latter every time.
  2. This is on the main page: The Rays again lead all teams with eight Top 100 prospects. Last year both Tampa Bay and San Diego tied the record for most preseason Top 100 prospects with nine players. The Dodgers (7 players), Twins (6 players) and Padres (6 players) are also featured prominently in 2020. Milwaukee is the only team without a Top 100 prospect, the first time it's without a player on the list since 2011.
  3. During the football games last Sunday, I cooked Trader Joe's mac & cheese bites with Newman's cabernet marinara sauce for dipping. It got rave reviews. Of course, we were all drunk.
  4. Here is a mention of the rumor in December 2014 on a website called Mixed Martial Arts, (and linking to photos on a website called "Homorazzi") If this story is true, it would crush sports journalism as a whole. I think it's slightly more likely it is an example of what a cesspool social media is.
  5. If you Google it, this exact rumor goes back more than five years. Either it's not true, or serious reporters have ignored it for half a decade and Scott Brosius's kid broke the story on Instagram today (and then deleted his account).
  6. But he doesn't want to reveal it, so he just lets it burn him, like Gary Busey in Lethal Weapon. "Have Endo look at that, Mr. Altuve"
  7. It took 96 wins to get the second Wild Card last season; 97 the year before. 90 seems low with how many good teams I am expecting there to be. Of course it only took 85 wins in 2017, so you never know.
  8. Anybody else still have their thundersticks from the World Series? I have one, though it's limper than my... well, it's limp
  9. But they do tell you to "grow up" if they don't agree with you
  10. Trout was the better player on a better team. That impresses me more than RBI.
  11. Even if Betts knew every single pitch that was coming, it's still not as egregious at Trout losing out on the 2012 MVP when he put up three and a half more WAR than Miggy (and the Angels had a better record than the Tigers).
  12. A's fans will then spend hours condescendingly lecturing fans of other teams how it was the right move, no matter the outcome. (Just like when they broke up one of the greatest teams I have ever seen mid-season in 2014.)
  13. I bet people invited Canning to In-n-Out on Friday nights in high school.