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  1. I did a massive garage clean three weeks ago, including a detailed sweeping, for which I went to the hardware store to get some dust masks. The owner sold me some masks that were several dollars each, telling me I "needed" them (instead of the cheap little 10-cent masks I have bought in the past). Last night I was thinking of that conversation so I went out to look: sure enough, they're N95 masks.
  2. Between Scotch and nothing, I'll take Scotch Between baseball played in empty stadiums and no baseball...
  3. The usual exercise and cooking, which have long been my hobbies, but I also bought a game camera and have been moving it all over my property to catalogue the wildlife. It's about what I expected - lots of coyotes and the occasional bobcat - the only exception being there are way more rabbits than I ever imagined. As the camera was a low-end inexpensive model ($30), I'm considering buying a couple more, as this has been much more fun than I expected.
  4. Trader Joe's Ultra-Hydrating Gel Moisturizer. It's a quarter of the price of comparable stuff and works wonders. (For several years I lived with a woman who worked in fashion and wrote reviews of similar products, so I have way more knowledge of these types of things than I probably should.)
  5. Yep, same. I have eschewed the treadmill in my garage in favor of rucking (something I did frequently years ago but stopped for some reason I cannot remember). I put on a 20-40 pound pack and walk 2-4 miles, depending on how I'm feeling. For me, it is impossible to feel anxiety or depression when in nature. Also, while I have always loved cooking, of late I have been creating recipes instead of just the same old "bacon cheeseburger" or what have you. (Next up: bison empanadas with red wine barbecue sauce.)
  6. I work for myself and work has completely disappeared, however I am not married and I am childless, so my stress level isn't in the same universe as people who are breadwinners for a family. My major disappointment - in addition to what I assume is shared by everyone here that baseball isn't being played - is that I had two big vacations planned for spring and summer. One was going to involve a lot of baseball games, and the other was going to be taking my parents on vacation. I have not been on a vacation with them in a long time . My brother passed away a few months ago and they're having a really hard time with that, so I know they were really looking forward to going somewhere with me. I agree with Stradling that the next two weeks are going to get worse - I think it might be the next three or four weeks - before things get better in May. But I think it's going to get quite bleak before it gets better. I had this hope that to lift the country's morale, they would try to bring baseball back around Memorial Day Weekend and play in empty stadiums. But after reading the agreement between MLB and the players' union, I don't think that will happen.
  7. Hey, the Angels had 15 hits and he didn't GIDP once. That's all we can ask for at this point.
  8. "We're gonna release it at a time when it will get buried the deepest in the news cycle"
  9. I think all of this is correct, particularly the part about hospitals being so overwhelmed that non-Coronavirus patients will be lost in the shuffle. (My father has cancer and is due to start another round of treatments April 29; I would be shocked if that happens as scheduled.) But AW is where I come several times per day to think about baseball and not the real world, so I am guilty of being too sanguine about the season being played.
  10. I know, it sounds like a logistics nightmare. I assume they would try to schedule it so that teams in the West and South could host as many games as possible in November. I don't want this to be the new norm, I just wouldn't be opposed to them trying it for one year. I'm really missing baseball right now (more than usual, for a very personal reason). That being said, I don't think anyone thinks there is a chance in hell of it happening.
  11. Neutral-site postseason games sound awful. That being said, I wouldn't be opposed to trying it for one season, just because I would love to see a full season of games. Boras, of course, doesn't care about seeing a full season of games, he only cares about a full season of revenue.