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  1. I want all those things, too. They're not possible this year. If you don't like what we're getting... why not just go away until baseball returns exactly the way you want it? Why not ignore it completely? That's what I've been doing to the WNBA and NHL my entire adult life. Why spend time on a message board during a season you don't want? I think it really bothers you that so many of us are going to enjoy whatever version of baseball we get this year and you are unable to.
  2. I think it's more likely you don't want there to be baseball because it will make a lot of people happy.
  3. 2016 - that weird weekend when some teams had real games on Sunday and then the Angels played an exhibition against the Cubs later that night - then opened with the Cubs the next day.
  4. That seems accurate, but if Manfred and Clark issued a statement tomorrow reading "What would you think about us not playing in 2020 and instead immediately getting to work to solve labor issues?," I bet a lot of people would say "Cool, go for it." But treating it like it's a fait accompli is absurd.
  5. Someone should create a thread for that.
  6. Something else to complain about?.... Sweet!
  7. Have you heard anyone say that if they call off the season, the owners and players will "get together and fix all the off-field issues"? Has anyone in the media or the game suggested that is what they would do if there were no season?
  8. I'm trying to imagine the baseball fan who would prefer they not play. It takes all kinds, I suppose.
  9. It will definitely be disappointing, it may even flat-out suck... but I don't think it's dumb. A lot of people will not get paid at all if there is no baseball season. It's not "dumb" for them to want to work as much as they can.
  10. If there is no season - and I am also pessimistic - what will your first emotion be: sadness that there is no baseball or happiness that you were right?
  11. If anything, he is saying it is understandable why some teams don't have their sh*t together.
  12. Did you see the one where it turns out the guy isn't such a jerk, after all? It's a classic. This year has been staggeringly disappointing in almost all aspects, so I expect any baseball season will be as well, with players opting out, players testing positive, games being cancelled, etc. It'll still be better than no baseball at all. Or Hallmark movies.
  13. You don't eat nails*, either! *I don't actually know what this means.