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  1. I believe Altuve has always been a decent hitter. Bregman on the other hand will be fun to watch. I predict a performance slide then an injury excuse in his future.
  2. Ya found that out just now as I posted a new topic about some BS HGH rumor regarding Trout with links etc...and it was deleted. One of the reason why I rarely post to this board is that there appears to be a small judgmental ruling class that runs it outside of the creator, Chuck, who seems like a good dude.
  3. Le em play. It will be more satisfying to watch them flounder, especially that douche, Bregman.
  4. In the end, most of the players will get what’s coming to them as I’m willing to bet that players like Altuve, Correa and Bregman will suddenly have problems with pitch recognition, leading to lower overall results. Just a hunch. I truly believe Bregman will look like a different player.
  5. Just watch some of the YouTube clips he’s featured in with Bauer and others. He just seems like a potential Nuke Laloosh that can implode mentally at anytime. Also, given his penchant for whining, his hair drama as an Angel minor leaguer for one, I just don’t think it would be a good move. I would rather keep the unproven but sky’s the limit upside talented character guy in Adell then obtain a potential drama queen that could implode either physically or mentally anytime.
  6. I’ve been a longtime reader of this great message board, but have never contributed until now as I just had to get this on the board... I have often wondered why Altuve was so adamant about not having his shirt ripped off after his HR. The fear in his eyes is obvious as you will see in the clip. Could it be that he had those bandaids or something more telling on his body?? He made up some lame excuse that he’s to shy and his wife got mad the last time that happened. That just sounds like a bunch of BS.
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