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  1. how does Mark Dalesandro relate to this? is he the Angels new catching coach?
  2. Stassi is projected to make less than most of those guys listed as free agents. I cannot believe people with 0 baseball knowledge are allowed to write about baseball for a place such as SI.
  3. the person who wrote this is an absolute idiot who has no business writing about baseball for Sports Illustrated. What an atrocious proposal.
  4. The suspicion is the "prominent Angels executive" is Ray Montgomery, the Angels Director of Player Personnel. Montgomery previously worked in the Brewers front office, which is the team Robert Murray (who spoke with the executive) used to cover.
  5. Why would they fire an old-school type infield coach (Butterfield) only to hire a different old-school type infield coach (DiSarcina)?
  6. It seems clear that the Angels front office's intention is to make pitching the main priority. So if the Angels end up signing a big position player, it will be quite obvious that Arte is interfering with his own plan.
  7. When do we see the replacements announced for Butterfield, Molina, and any other potential coaching staff departures? Also, who should the Angels be targeting as replacements? Looking at infield positioning, the Giants and Dodgers were among the top in wOBA against for shifts against RHH and LHH. So maybe target someone from them? But who do you target? Their infield coordinator? Their minor league field coordinator?
  8. I think the Dodgers re-sign both Kershaw and Scherzer. Their current 2022 payroll is at ~$194M, but that includes Bauer's $35M. I doubt Bauer gets paid his full salary in '22, because I think he'll be suspended for at least like 80 games at a minimum. I think the most likely outcome is he is suspended for the entire season and the Dodgers don't have to pay any of the $35M in '22.
  9. So are you saying you think the payroll for '22 will be lower than 'it was in 21?
  10. I understand the way you are calculating it, but we just don't know for sure that the Angels are calculating it similarly and getting the same totals. I hope the way you calculate it is the way the Angels view it, because having an extra ~$5M can make a difference in the offseason.
  11. I don't know 100% that they'll be non-tendered. They should be, but the Angels haven't always done everything that they should've done. Maddon liked Gosselin and Guerra, with the organization going out of their way multiple times to come up with a fake injury for Guerra so they wouldn't have to DFA him.
  12. Ok. I guess the important part is whether or not Arte would consider those bonuses as part of a prior year's payroll number or this year's payroll number.
  13. @Jeff Fletcher How did you come up with those contract numbers for Trout and Rendon in '22? Both Cots Contracts and Roster Resource say that in 2022, Trout is making $37.117M and Rendon is making $36.571M. (Actual money, not AAV).
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