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  1. The Dodgers actually bat pooh holes 4th. You know they have amazing pitching if they can do that and still win.
  2. Dang, punked by your division again...It has been a long time since the glory days. Poohholes, hamilton, upton and rendon all eating up salary cap and performing like minor league players without any desire. Where are all the hungry scrappy players that actually want to win? Even Trout is milking the pine because he sees no hope at the end of the tunnel. The culture doesn't feel right since 2000-2010 successes. Those players who were supposedly good come here and it feels like they would rather have a Disneyland vacation than play baseball.
  3. They really need to start beating division teams more consistently minus Seattle for me to have confidence. Until then they will remain .500. 3-6 vs Houston and 25-30 in the division. Dare I say they just won a pitchers duel!
  4. This should have been a 7 year thread. Stuck in mediocrity.
  5. It'd be nice to have a lead off hitter who can hit one day.
  6. I asked a serious question who thought we would be 500 after this road trip and someone marked me as trolling. Here we are 3 games over. I do not believe they are finished because it isn't even at the halfway mark yet but this team has too many flaws. Not my fault some people are not able to look at their team unbiased and give a reasonable opinion.
  7. Isn't his contract guaranteed? Bad contract. But that shouldn't stop them from giving him "more rest".
  8. Congratulations, I have been waiting for price drops to purchase my own as well. Very exciting.
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