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  1. This is gonna get real interesting now! Eppler is going to need to have some fun now.
  2. He's a good teammate and I like seeing the way he and his teammates interact. While the defense has always been stellar, he's turned it around with the bat. Yeah he's gonna get $14MM next year. Adell has been tearing the minors up but he's still an unknown bat in the Majors. I say keep Kole one more year.
  3. WHOA! Thanks for pointing out the OPS. Made me look. Koles is behind Trout, Goodwin.La Stella, and Kevin Smith (though he has significantly less AB's) in OPS.
  4. Fan since the 60's. Knew nothing of the Angels till my fathers work associate in Los Angeles sent my brother and I Angel Jackets for Christmas. For me EVERY decade has been a struggle. But there was always hope that a better season was soon to happen. This has kept me going as an Angel Fan. Trades for Alex Johnson, Bill Singer, Ken McMullen. Free Agents like Baylor, Grich, Rudi, and later Carew, DeCinces, Boone, and Reggie. Yeah we haven't won as much as we should. But I still love this Team.
  5. Living in Seattle does make one cynical.
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