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  1. 1982 Angels v Yankees box score.docx Not sure if you can see the box score I tried to attach. That was my first ever live professional sport to witness (9 years old). We were there for a church group activity with my grandmother. I didn't have a favorite team at the time but I did when we left. Reggie's two homers and Fred Lynn added one too. Took down the mighty Yankees and Ron Guidry. Angels fan ever since!
  2. Was super stoked when I saw him walking down to the back fields. He's signing a ball for my son here. Even had a conversation with my son. Great guy. Wishing him the best and crossing my fingers that it is with us!
  3. I have two tickets for the Friday night game IN Seattle (19th). Section 323, row 1, seats 11 & 12. Just looking to get back what I paid for them. Thanks!
  4. I loved Wrigley. Grew up watching only the Cubs on WGN or the Braves on TNT. I went a few years back and it was HOT. Sat in the left field bleacher seats and drank way too many frozen margaritas. Roy Halladay was on the bump for the Phillies that day and was taken out early due to the 'heat'. They should've taken me out for the 'heat' too. It was all about the nostalgia for me. I wasn't looking for all the amenities, just a day game in a historical stadium that I grew up watching Cubs baseball and listening to Harry Carey. It was a bucket-list item for me. Glad you hated it Nate! haha.
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