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  1. I think Minasian is going to build a great team. I like what I hear and read so far.
  2. I don't think Adell gets traded. First, you rarely see top 10 MLB prospects get traded. I can't think of one but I'm sure it has happened. Secondly, I don't think the Angels get the value they would want because of how poorly he played. I think Adell starts the season in SLC if there is a MiLB season.
  3. "His experiences make Perry Minasian perhaps uniquely suited to run a major league team at the moment. The game has skewed toward more and more data-driven decisions. Data is a great tool. But data can’t predict how a team on the same page might outperform its projections. It can’t predict how an organization, from isolated scouts in far-flung locations to minor league instructors to front office types, can better function if the boss understands and empathizes with their issues because he’s been in their exact situation. It’s still a game played by and maintained by people." "For too lon
  4. My belief is a team needs to look for high end pitchers in the first two rounds. This is where nearly all of the drafted top of the order SP's are found. Every year is different and it's always going to be hit and miss. I'm not saying we shouldn't still go after toolsy teenagers but let's balance it out. In the five years prior to this most recent draft there were 10 picks in the top two rounds. Only one was a pitcher, Griffin Canning. And he is the only one of those 10 draft choices that has had a positive impact. If 5 of those picks were pitchers instead of only 1 the team would be in a bett
  5. I am guessing Bill Singer was fired soon after this was written?
  6. My point is exactly this. I think this strategy was a mistake. From 2015-2019 the Angels drafted only one pitcher in the first two rounds of the draft. I think if they had gone after more high level college pitchers the team would be in a better place.
  7. I don't understand why some people are against the draft strategy the team employed in 2020. I think if they had used the same strategy for the last 6 years the team may be in a better place.
  8. So the Angels shouldn't draft a player because they may fail? Got it. Another great plan.
  9. I don't think any teams draft players in the first round they expect to fail. To think this and to post it is "incredibly stupid".
  10. So draft college catchers in the first round because there is a chance a college pitcher may fail. Got it. Good plan.
  11. What? Yes we all know. 33 picks went before him. Dakota Hudson was drafted in the 1st round not in the 36th round?? The point is this team could have prioritized SP in the draft. They did not. And even if they whiffed with a college pitcher the chances are they would not have whiffed any worse than selecting Ward and Thaiss in the first round.
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