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  1. I voted yes, but he's no doubt been an upgrade from what we have before. Yes, he's rebuilt our farm system, but he's also bungled some drafts. We've had five full drafts under Eppler and we are somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of minor league depth, and we still don't have any top tier pitching prospects ready to make an impact. Yes, we signed Ohtani, but I also argue we have completely mismanaged him. Hats off to Epp for finding some diamonds such as Goodwin and La Stella. But, we've rolled the dice plenty and come up short with pitching. I also had to take into consideratio
  2. I am gonna say 38 I am actually pretty excited for this season.
  3. I appreciate the thoughts . I actually support Middleton's right to kneel (and I never criticized Middleton), and him kneeling doesn't bother me it all. I am a pretty left guy actually and support many of the social justice policies in the BLM movement. But, I only follow a couple of Angel columnist/reporters on twitter and at least in my twitter feed that's what dominated my news feed and IMHO it was way over covered. But, hey, that's just one guy's opinion. At the very least it reminded me I should renew my mlb.tv subscription so I can watch the game live oppose to getting updates on tw
  4. Thanks halonatic ... to each his own I guess. Not to get into a tit for tat, but between posts about Middleton kneeling, Giant player kneeling, and retweets most of yesterday's commentary was more about kneeling than the game. I mean, after all, it is only the first real game (albeit an exhibition) since the pandemic. I guess that's not a big deal. And professional players have been kneeling during the anthem for the past two years, so it's not like it's new. Granted, I acknowledge the BLM protest have brought new life to the debate (and I agree with the majority of BLM's political objecti
  5. I appreciate all you do Jeff, but yesterday you made more tweets about the kneeling than about the game itself. I completely support Middleton's right to kneel, but many of us go to sports to get away from the struggles of society. It's our escapism from the hardships of real life. I know some of it will overlap to some degree, and maybe that's appropriate, but I sure hope that this doesn't become the new norm or our Angels coverage isn't dominated by social commentary. I know I may get criticized for this point of view, but I believe many folks feel the same way.
  6. How much of the early success of Bundy, Barria, Suarez, Cole, and Andreise have to do with Calloway? I know many on here gave up on Barria and Suarez to some extent (I know I did), it's still important to remember both are still younger than the average double A player. If just one or two of the above was having a good spring I wouldn't think anything of it. But, when all of them are off to their best starts of their career that has to be more than a coincidence. I am expecting at least one if not more will tale off eventually, but considering how week our pitching core is it is the one po
  7. I have been anticipating this quite frankly since last summer. Being shut down for "elbow inflammation" means only one thing in the angels organization. Hell, apart of me wanted him to get his TJ over and done with last year. It's vital to get another pitcher now. The season is not over by any means, but we are gonna have to do something. Let's just hope Matt Andriese and Felix Pena (and I like both pitchers BTW) better have great starts.
  8. I subscribe to BA and have a few thoughts on the rankings. 1. We have a lot of young pitchers with a tone of upside. Guys like Aquino, Franco, Pina, Soriano (besides his TJ but he'll be back), Yan, Koch, Holmes, and Rivera. It should be interesting to watch their development. 2. I am still surprised that Ortega was not drafted in the rule 5 draft. When he wasn't, I figured there was something about him that wasn't made public yet. Apparently BA doesn't know either. 3. I am surprised Jose Rodriguez (and Matt Ball to a lesser extent) made the list. Are either more project-
  9. The truth be told our system is flooded with high ceiling guys. There are three guys alone I can picture being potential top 100 players by mid-year if their season goes right (not including Adell and Marsh). If Rodriguez has a strong start and is moved to AA by the all-star break (which BA projects to happen), then he could sneak into the top 100. His tools are off the charts. If Adams starts off strong, he'll jump in also. I also believe Soriano could break into the upper-half of the top 100 with a strong start as well. Nevertheless I expect at least two of the three to have the type
  10. I would easily rather overpay than give up the prospects (granted it is not my money). But, long term sustainability through any program comes from the farm. And money will not negate a bad farm, but very good farm can negate dead money.
  11. I can see that perception to be honest with Spring Training less than a month away. Especially, when we start making trades for more reliever-starter types. Don't get me wrong, I like this trade. Now, granted, maybe Eppler is really working the phones currently, but when the GM publicly says trade involving front liners are too pricey, I think it's a good indication he's not making much headway on that front. And historically, the need for pitching increases once the season starts, which is why teams often over-pay for players at the trade deadline. Now, granted Cole was traded very lat
  12. Jeff, I have a subscription to BA. They haven't even listed our top ten yet. Where did you find BA's top 30 for 2020?
  13. I am also including Richards and Tropeano.
  14. If all those things happened, we'd be a 95 win team. Also, throw in there if we are in striking distance you could see a trade for a top of the line pitcher. Unfortunately, I do not think we are going to bring in an additional arm until Eppler sees how things played out. I am also curious to see if under completely different management, the wave of tommy john surgeries cease.
  15. I believe if La Stella has a hot start, he's the one who will get traded. I am beginning to think Rengifo may be as much of an untouchable as Fletcher. If Rengifo takes off the way Fletcher did, then I see us trading La Stella and letting Simba walk during free agency. Unless we trade for someone controllable like Boyd, we are going to be a couple starters short again next year when FA approaches. We're going to need the Simba money allocated elsewhere.
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