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  1. At least we won't have Max Stassi as a starting catcher
  2. Sign Robinson Chirinos for 2 years, and trade young OF prospects like Deveaux or Ramirez for Matt Boyd
  3. Wish the best of luck for Kole. I'll always remember him as an Angel
  4. you're right I didn't see 25's vesting option, which is very unlikely to occur
  5. I was talking about Sale's contract, not Price's
  6. Just curious. Is there anyway Angels can trade for Maeda Kenta? He's not great but decent guy under very team friendly contract. He's also super durable. Never injured moving from rotation to pen every season. I know with his long, team-favored contract, Doyers have no reason to trade him away, though Maeda has openly shown frustration of being moved to the pen several times and Dave Roberts seems like he doesnt like Maeda too much due to inability of pitching deep into the game. He often falls apart when he goes 6+ innings but he is usually superb for first 6 innings and he doesnt get injured so I think he could be a major upgrade for Angels rotation. Anyone think he will be available for trade somehow? or no?
  7. Chokeshaw, deGrom, Sale. i dont think first 2 are available but they are ace caliber guys with huge contract left. Sale, if Loston decides to trade Price, betts, and even Benintendi like rumors say, might be available especially when he started showing health issues and there are about 6-7 yrs left in his contract. Problem is, Angels wouldnt want him either since there are too many yrs left and he's showing red flag now
  8. if it's minor or split contract, i'll give him a go. if he bounces back we get a fine starter, if he gets wrecked again, just dump him. no big deal but no thanks to the nightmare Harvey. just giving him the ball for 1 game is too much of a waste
  9. I'm against signing Ryu for 4+ yrs and I think Ryu pitching in Dodger stadium in NLW and Ryu in Rogers Centre in ALE will be totally different. I preferred Keuchel over Ryu for health issue + Keuchel was likely to demand lower salary and shorter contract term (which turned out to be true) but they missed out on Keuchel and now Ryu is also gone. There is literally no front end starter left in the market. idk what kind of trade Eppler is working on but getting a front line starter without giving up Adell and Canning will be very tough
  10. so before off season began, Eppler said starting pitching is the team's priority and Arte said he is willing to go over the cap to improve the team and somehow Julio Teheran is the biggest FA starter acquisition this team got. What a fkin epic market lol Now Eppler will try to convince Arte about how Ohtani-Teheran-Bundy-Heaney-Canning and bunch of minor leaguers are "strong group" that's capable of being front line pitchers.