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  1. Sigh, I was expecting that. Seriously guys, not the time to crack jokes and rip on me!
  2. Although I won't hold my breath, I'm hoping you guys will save the jokes. Last week I got laid-off and now I'm selling everything I can to make money and survive until I find a new job. So I've made the heart breaking decision to put my Mike Trout jersey up for sale! It's authentic, red, Men's size 52 and I paid $300 for it at Angel stadium back in August. This jersey is one of my most prized possessions, it's in perfect condition and I literally only wore it 3 times! If you're interested and serious please contact me, thanks! (I have pictures, just don't know how to post them on here) And if
  3. If we hit 90 wins in our division...I'd be thrilled!
  4. It's like the SNL reunion movie. Is Lorne Michaels producing it?
  5. Ok, seriously, now you're just trolling me!
  6. At this point, I would be shocked if he got more than 3 years/$54 million. He blew it by not signing a while ago, if anyone gives him more than that they're stupid!
  7. Why you trolling me? Staaaaalker!
  8. If he reaches those #s I will jump off a bridge!
  9. I recently cut out soda and weed and started jogging 3 - 4 nights a week and dropped 15 lbs in like a month.
  10. So many smart asses here, good thing I have a sense of humor!
  11. Just mentioning them in the same breath is ridiculous!
  12. If you guys seriously think Shields and Weaver are up there with Kershaw we have no reason to talk anymore, plain and simple.
  13. As much as it hurts to say it, yes...in the grand scheme of things Weaver is essentially a nobody!
  14. You seriously wanna compare Kershaw and that nobody Shields?
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