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  1. I'm not letting this one douchebag ruin my opinion of everyone else here, I actually received tons of private messages from other members, filled with well wishes and even some offers of financial help! So thanks to those of you who showed compassion and sent positivity my way, it was greatly appreciated.
  2. It's crazy how much attention this has gotten over the last 24 hours on social media, Fallon is a genius! I really thought that buffoon would fail miserably, especially after Conan's debacle, but boy was I wrong. Not a fan of his, but this was great!
  3. Anything more than 4 years and $15 million per year is retarded, I hope one of our rivals overpays him so we can all laugh when he turns into a total bust!
  4. Again, this is great news! No matter who replaces him we're gonna get better production.
  5. Thanks to everyone for sticking up for me and putting that epic douche YK in his place! ;-)
  6. It really is the norm here and that's sad. Almost makes me miss the OG board!
  7. Seriously, anybody else wanna be a dick or rip on me? Might as well get it all out now! *MSG*
  8. Neither Jersey is authentic or the same size.
  9. I bought it way too big, but it was the only other size they had at the time besides a Medium.
  10. I thought overall the commercials were "meh" this year.
  11. Thanks, that was really inspiring actually! ;-)
  12. I was the ops mgr for a big retailer.
  13. I'd rather try here first, gotten a few nibbles so far, but if I strikeout here I'll definitely try eBay.
  14. Just to save everyone's time...I'm looking for at least $150!
  15. If I wasn't gonna take $50, no way I'd take $30.
  16. Sorry bud, looking for a lot more than that! I'm not expecting what I paid, but definitely more than that.
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