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  1. What are his postseason stats? Unless I'm way off, they're not exactly stellar!
  2. 3 years/$45 million or deuces! This guy is so overrated and not clutch at all.
  3. I used to know Emma Stone back in the day, she has zero chance, but I'm really pulling for her.
  4. Is it just me or does she have a fivehead?
  5. He will be their #2 behind Darvish, bummer for us, but they still suck.
  6. Latest news is that Texas is also after him and the deal with the Astros isn't complete yet.
  7. I would like to think so, they threw a good chunk of change at him, they had to have been scouting him.
  8. I'm new here, can't say I really knew him well, but my condolences on his passing, he sounded like a stellar guy!
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