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  1. The guy who's rumored to be playing Peter Parker/Spiderman looks like he's 12, some nobody.
  2. Apparently he apologized for his actions over the past few years.
  3. Noah is a goner soon too, the actor just got cast in another show.
  4. Let's be honest here, if you don't know what it looks like you're an idiot!
  5. Those who were serious and interested found a way to get a hold of me for pics, it's not that hard.
  6. I can't believe the twists and turns this thread has taken, I came here to offer up a Trout Jersey because I thought this was a great place to do so...and look at it now!
  7. I'd still go with LAD. Now they're saying SD is working out Yoan Moncada today and aggressively pursuing him too, good for their fans at least!
  8. For the record, YK...when I purchased the Jersey several months ago I wasn't "on the edge financially," I was doing just fine.
  9. Everybody in the media is jumping on their bandwagon now, LOL!
  10. Oh look, another dick is late to the party!
  11. LOL! I'm done, just had to take one shot. I'm not getting into a troll-fest.
  12. Oh come on, I was owed at least one good slam!
  13. I remember how excited everyone was when we signed Pujols, the big presser, the chants of: "We got Pujols" and Pujols on the cover of SI with us named the favorites to go all the way. Then, 3 months into the season I hated him about as much as Moo Vaughn or Vernon Wells! (still dislike the guy) I can't believe we're stuck with that bum for another billion years.
  14. Your Mom, but she wanted to pay in a different currency and I just wasn't interested.
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