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  1. Barry Hussein is back pissing on your snowflakes. Let the torrential downpour of Trumper tears begin. Scrambling as fast as you can to find a Barry look over there graph to post and think a lib is being owned. The sad sad truth about a Trumper existence is you can't own anyone when you have already been owned by the grift. You know that Biden has Chinese business ties is really Trump has all kinds of Chinese business ties, It is rigged is really I am rigging it, list goes on, you live it every day so you should know where I am going. I will take the grenade pin with me and have to leav
  2. Someone forgot to change his diaper. I imagine that story will give blarg a pant potato also.
  3. Interesting, he is a marketing brander by profession. Why does every cruise ship not have a golden Trump on it's side. Oh that's right, he's fucking broke and the name is dead. He just needs the US Treasury to stay afloat a little longer.
  4. Shock and awe is my MO which really that should come as no shock to anyone.
  5. And for you "cough" Christian Trumpers out there. I know he called for leaders to pray for him and they pray on him, you dig it. The odds of you actually being a Christian are the same odds of me standing on Lake Michigan in an ice storm naked and my cock is still 20" flacid. In other words you ain't I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
  6. Come on Jeff. You typed all that, which I wasn't reading thru anyway, just to say I voted for Trump. It is the perfect Trump thing, let me rationalize 15 items here of why I did what I intended all along. Let me tell everyone why I didn't vote for Trump and the only reason why: 1) I don't join cults.
  7. Trump can't even complete a sentence even with mixing in a real word and a made up word and Trumpers believe it is Einstein's papers. I guess if Trump really is living until 200 technically he isn't born yet so that does make Biden much older. It is all relative to the bubble the Trumper resides in. Blarg likely has better data on this than I do.
  8. Blarg lives in a reality TV world. Trump is no billionaire and if not elected POTUS was one underpaid Oligarch from taking flying lessons off Trump Tower.
  9. Here we go we e-mails again right as an election is nearing end. Coincidence? Take the bait, who cares anymore, Trumpers are eating out of a Russian Warehouse again and it isn't caviar.
  10. Why yes, thank you for the invite. Who the fuck is Steve Scully. Is it Vin's son?
  11. lol, what is great there is they got in some good shots before they self went down.
  12. I don't hate you Holmes. A good spar now and then is healthy.
  13. You know that makes absolutely no sense and just shows what a c*nt you truly are.
  14. I just miss seeing her. She is doing well though. For all the Larry's of the world being in a room when someone checks out and everyone is there in substandard PPE it wasn't liver failure checked off as covid. But there is hope for Larry, he can tongue swap Trump and got the antibodies.
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