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  1. I'm disappointed as anyone else and frustrated by the same crap as last year but I think anyone who calls season over before 1 month of play needs a demerit. Anyone advocating we keep Butcher: demerit. Anyone posting Aybar dance: demerit. Anyone who advocates for more than 4 different reasons for demerits in 1 posts: demerit.
  2. Takes a lot of effort to rape a hooker. Quite a hero.
  3. I've got a '66 Mustang I love and know every dollar I dump into it is lost. But I'm not and idoit and know it was never an investment. VW clean diesels are the tip top hold value cars. I'd say the Audis too but since they're just VWs that cost $20K more for no reason, it doesn't really make as much sense.
  4. I'm 5 hours late to this reactionary party. Two posts so I'm assuming this isn't gonna trump CNN's nonstop "Disappearing Plane" coverage?
  5. When Cez farts it sounds like "whooosh".
  6. Did it? I'm a mile from the stadium and it's dry as a nun in the desert here.
  7. They scored 6 in the 9th. It was a 42 until Jeppy got the call.
  8. That's awesome. Jaco will work as the beach destination, you won't go wrong with La Fortuna, though I do need to say, if you spend a little more and actually stay at the Tabacon Resort you will get free entrance into the hot springs which can run like $75/day/pp so in you pay $200/ night and get passes you dan do the math and see it's a food deal. And a nice hotel. Though you can get a decent place in La Fortuna for under $50/night. Tabacon is about a 15 drive outside of town, but with the natural hot river, the jungle and the swim up bar at the bottom, it's paradise. If you are looking for a more "party" hot springs then Baldi, on the road into town has that and a club next door, but it's still pretty chill, arenal isn't a party hot spot. As for the itinerary, I'd add another day to Arenal or Jaco and minimize San Jose time. If you are going to relax and see the nature, spend the extra day in La Fortuna. If going to parry, spend the extra day in Jaco.
  9. At least since it's not a save situation we won't have to watch Rodney set them down with his Scioscia anger.
  10. "I thought the ball looked good coming out of Jeppy's hand" - Smoak
  11. Get well soon, Don. Just awful. This f'ing franchise.
  12. Yeah the TV thing seems pretty cool.