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  1. Eastside beer, hydrox cookies, Laura Scudderrs bbq chips, fried bologna sandwiches, getting up in morning to check box scores from newspaper.Those were the days when it was safe to drive the freeways.
  2. If he continues for rest of this season he would be a good extension type player. 3 years 15 mill.
  3. One minute AW members want to resign Bundy and Heaney now they hope to get low A ball catching prospect.
  4. Sticky baseballs, steroids, Astros cheating, shifts, launch angles, spin rates, velocity of balls being hit, speed of pitches, length of games, so many teams in rebuild mode. The game has changed and is just not as much fun as it used to be. I miss my transistor radio and reading box scores in the morning paper.
  5. Maybe halos will get a refund on cash considerations
  6. Minasian like Eppler is racking up frequent miles for a family vacation
  7. Angels will not offer him a QO as he will be traded in the July garage sale.
  8. But it's 2021 now Maddon wants to live in the past. It's not working
  9. Nothing wrong with July that's fire sale month. August will be bring up the kids month
  10. Rays have a winning culture halos a 1985 culture
  11. I wonder what it's like playing meaningful games in September or June
  12. Right now Stassi is healthy and will catch 5 games a week. Stassi has been hitting well and is a very good defensive catcher. So why in the hell would you bring up someone who has only caught a couple weeks in minors to catch twice a week. Let him get experience in minors. Let's see how he does. Angels maybe just trying to improve his trade value before the July fire sale.
  13. Why would you call up Thaiss to sit on bench behind Stassi. Only way Angels find out if he can be a catcher is let him play. Leave him at SLC to catch 5 times a week.
  14. Time to think of fire sale coming end of July. Sandoval start was good a positive sign going forward for 22
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