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  1. Deadline still 7 weeks away a lot can happen. 3 games with Oakland will tell a lot. If they are 7 or 8 games back they should sell. Will lose so many to FA this off season get something for them.
  2. Halo fans have the most talented player ever to play this game on their team.
  3. Tampa 16 games over 500 on 68 million payroll. Angels paying Pujols 30 million to win with Dodgers.
  4. Grich is taking me off his ignore list if I buy him a pizza.
  5. Great writing of halo deadline history. This is time of year Angels start to play better. Fans get a glimmer of hope of a playoff run. Do not look into the light trade the assets. The future will look brighter.
  6. Ohtani, Canning, Sandoval as of now 3 in rotation for 22. Maybe add Detmers and Chris Rod have foundation for decent young controllable rotation. OJT for Canning and Sandoval this year.
  7. He did some good things Ohtani, Trout signings but just horrible in FA pitchers. Minasian will benefit from Sandoval trade and drafting of Canning. Adell, Detmers, Marsh among others will help in near future. Minasian must get some starters and fix bullpen. If halos succeed in near future Minasian will get credit but foundation laid by Eppler.
  8. Eppler had 5 losing seasons,
  9. So how much do you pay him. I think he will test FA because Maddon has pulled him early in so many games. Ohtani would be your ace. Maybe Chris Rod becomes a starter along with Detmers.
  10. Stassi 1.6 mill this year and 1 more year of arbitration. If his production continues this year halos will sign him to an extension in off season. He is solid defensive catcher and if he stays healthy he will get paid.
  11. I will not even respond to this. I'm going to have a coffee and a danish
  12. I see Danish as a possible option for halo pen. Danish could be someone who eats up innings.
  13. Ohtani, Sandoval and Canning have 3 starters for 22. Griffin said he pitched tonight and I think he is still learning and will get better.
  14. Angels signed Tyler Danish as a free agent on May 20 this year. Danish has had a cup of coffee with CWS in 17 and 18. Late start this year has only pitched in 3 games. 10 IP 4 Hits 1 ER 12 Ks 0.40 whip and a .118 BA against him. He is pitching in AA RCT. He could end up being a sweet signing and is only 26.
  15. I believe they will be sellers and this off season some drastic moves should be made. Any deal made can be sweeten by halos in adding Tyler Danish in trade.
  16. Mediocrity halos in 6th straight losing season. In 22 will need a SS, RF plus 4 starters and 7 or 8 in bullpen. That is a tall order for Minasian.
  17. Minasian in tough spot, if they are at 500 or few games above at trade deadline. What to do with Heaney, Bundy, Cobb, Iglesias, and Watson? Trade or lose them,7 or more games back I think they get traded.
  18. I have a better chance of getting off your ignore list
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