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    Halos61 got a reaction from Rally Gorilla in Anybody have HULU? OK for Angels games?   
    Was just going to sign up to YouTube TV next week. We just cut our cable contract. I hear nothing but great things about YTTV and was really looking forward to it. We didn't like Hulu when we had it a few years ago. 
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    Halos61 got a reaction from Tank in Astros punishments: suspensions, firings, team gets over, everyone is pissed.   
    How the players don't get suspended is beyond me. 25 games at the minimum. There is more than enough evidence showing the players fully bought into this. If someone didn't know what was going on, their head was up their ass. It's why you had Fiers selling them out. It's total crap that altered the results of the 2017 season. 
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    Halos61 got a reaction from Lou in Rox Willing to Listen on Arenado   
    $234 million which is probably what you can get Rendon for. After missing on Cole, if this is what they want to do then just go after Rendon and keep the farm system intact 
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    Halos61 reacted to True Grich in Angels interested in Anthony Rendon   
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    Halos61 got a reaction from Torridd in Cole's Asking Price: Too steep, or too stupid to pass up?   
    I don't know what option they really have. To compete now, you have to sign him at all cost. He would not only be the leader of your staff, he would give this club so much needed identity. I love Trout but he doesn't bring identity to this team. On the other hand you have better have a damn good backup plan if you walk away. They would have to sign Bumgarner and/or Ryu/Kuechel. Problem is these guys aren't leading rotation's anymore and still lack that identity piece this team needs. One way or another, i think the Angels are screwed.  
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    Halos61 reacted to tdawg87 in Concept Uniforms for the Angels   
    Well so has the current one. Also who cares? It looks cool.