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  1. gotta make you wonder if there's something in his contract that says he will always hit 3... forever... FOREVER!
  2. Don't worry guys, just six more years left!
  3. The Ceej had a bad game yesterday with Iannetta catching him. Pretty sure you'll see Conger catch him from now on.
  4. the reason that's relevant is that Hank's kind of become the Ceej's personal catcher lately. Hank's hit lefties OK this year and I don't think he's ever faced Buerhle. Not 100% sure on that last part. Still though... I'm 100% sure you're correct.
  5. Correct! Iannetta is starting today. Even with Wilson pitching.
  6. Angels catchers as a whole are hitting pretty well versus other teams. Thru today... AVG OBP SLG OPS 0.264 0.273 0.480 0.753 MLB ranks OPS: 5th HR: 8th RBI: 3rd I'd say Sciosh is actually managing their usage pretty effectively so far.
  7. Ibanez Conger At this point anytime Iannetta's catching I'd rather see Conger at DH, regardless of the pitching matchup. Ibanez has had a couple of big RBI games, otherwise he literally has been the worst hitting DH in a long, long time so far this season. Time to hang em up I think.
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