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  1. You're far too cynical, good sir. Also, China covered up how bad this is. Bad China. Also, it's not bad. Bad science. Also, the Dems govs are the bad onezzzz cause they let people die. It's easy to protect people. 200k? NBD, but also that's China's fault and they're to blame for this horrible number of deaths. Also, it's not bad. It's the flu. It's just like the flu. Have I mentioned that China lied and covered up the severity of this at the beginning? Furthermore, it's not that severe and only 6% of people died only of COVID. These people are twisting themselves up like pretzels. Du
  2. Skeptical of what? What kind of medical research is this guy doing? He's an idiot. Let's not extrapolate too much from that. By the way, can you imagine how you'd react if there was somebody in a particularly visible seat of power that made statements as absurd as this one on a regular basis? You'd be very skeptical of anything they said, right?
  3. This is great. Who knows if we'll need it? I can tell you that the number you absolutely have to keep your eye in is hospitalizations. That's the most telling stat. We may have hit some thresholds in certain areas. NY sure doesn't seem to be spiking, they're probably at saturation, but they sure didn't get there the right way.
  4. Imagination is a very powerful thing.
  5. Hey, @calscuf, I have a perfect opportunity for you to get banned. Here you go:
  6. The actual unwritten rule was that you can bunt on Verlander, and only Verlander, in the 8th if he has a no hitter going.
  7. Also, next on Hannity: a real hard hitting interview with President Donald J. Trump.
  8. You should change your screen name to Lindsey when posting in this thread.
  9. Ridiculous. She's more functional now than you have ever been on this board.
  10. That's fascinating, but you know that you would totally try and hold up any nomination if you were in their shoes.
  11. They have no choice. If you were in their shoes, you'd do it.
  12. Yeah, but the Dems need to block the court from being so lopsided. They pretty much have no choice.
  13. I don't, but I'm totally cool with criticizing the ever loving hell out of them and can't quite understand people who can't deal with them taking heat for it.
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