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  1. Illegals are freeloaders. Also, let's round them up at the US factories that they work at.
  2. Doesn't your specific request require the actual policy?
  3. So migrant caravan not heading to US border as per that headline?
  4. Are you under the impression that there is any actual "turnabout" happening? It's all the same thing, sides guy.
  5. All this for a charlatan/gameshow host that couldn't win against worst-candidate-ever Sleepy Joe as an incumbent.
  6. Agreed! He couldn't even beat Joe Biden! How do you lose to that?
  7. I agree! lol, he lost to Sleepy Joe haha
  8. lol, Trump lost to Joe fucking Biden haha
  9. What about the last week makes you think that? Being an antagonistic asshole 24/7/365 eventually turns out to be a bad strategy in the right situation, even if you've been doing it to great success for decades.
  10. What... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/mikie-sherrill-says-unidentified-lawmakers-led-e2-80-98reconnaissance-e2-80-99-tours-ahead-of-capitol-attack/ar-BB1cHFQS
  11. I almost had a heart attack. Common courtesy!
  12. 2 of those 3 wouldn't have been worth their contracts from day 1 even if they were the nicest humans that ever lived. Guillén was a victim of his issues.
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