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  1. Naw son. The shit had Saran Wrap around it at the swap meet, so I knew it was new. Even came with that VCR.
  2. Haven't found anything that will beat my Mitsubishi big screen.
  3. word son. I'd visit more, but fear I'm going to come across a thread about ashy skin.
  4. Voted now that I know what I'm voting on
  5. Is this where we talk about reparations? This stimulus check ain't cutting it
  6. Biden be mad dumb. he bitched out and went all white guilt on charlamagne tha god's show and said something else dumb thinking he would appease the audience, but CTG fanned that shit out real quick and kind of called him out. I don't like Trump because he's white and I don't like the color orange too much, but Biden is damn near retarded and does that politician thing of trying to say what we want to hear, but comes off so fake that I think Mexicans can even sniff it out. trump be mad arrogant and saying some foul shit, but Biden has Parkinson's or some shit and says shit like this. smh
  7. oh you the cream pie type? I feel ya
  8. Naw, not enough room. I keep extra cash in the freezer. I have it in a bag that looks like regular frozen chickpeas.
  9. that's why you just get your coffee black, like your women
  10. Fuck that Uncle Tom ass bitch. I'm going to hoop tomorrow. No face mask mask or none of that shit. I'm even breaking out the Shawn Kemp's that I still have to play in for this one.
  11. Naw that cracker is on that Trump tip. I'm bout that Kamala Harris life.
  12. Hopefully it's not me, but if you want to, I know some peeps......
  13. I don't use sanitizer because I'm ashy enough as it is. That Jeurgens tho boy.
  14. Have you ever shot a black dude that was unarmed?
  15. Word. Even before I bought my 1992 Saturn I could at least get a ride from fam if need be. ppl be making excuses.
  16. M'Dear's? I like Roscoe's. It's close to the beach so I can work on my tan.
  17. Naw, we have a few. I just looked it up on my Boost Mobile https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/fo/offices/fomap?number=507
  18. damn. a nigga finally get his felony dropped to vote and they do me like this? we need Obama to come fix this shit.