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  1. Check your baseball card collections everyone, Trout's rookie card sold for $3,936,000 A Trout rookie card is still the missing piece of my collection, and most likely will remain that way until I win the lottery, lol https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29723239/mike-trout-rookie-card-becomes-highest-selling-sports-card-all
  2. Victor had a similar moment where he sounded surprised when he said we were leading 4-3.
  3. Well they did account for about half of the A's attendance....
  4. Cmon Canning, attack the zone, don't do that nibbling shit
  5. It would be sooo nice if we were the team that got up 3-0 or 4-0 for once.
  6. Oh there were posts on threads already talking about the fact we were "stuck with his contract" so yeah people were worried.
  7. He is now top 10 in AL batting since that terrible start. It wasn't that long ago we were all worried about him
  8. Broken record, while the opposing team changes the story stays the same.
  9. Even though Hader has yet to allow a hit this season his velocity has been a concern especially in his last 3 to 4 outings. I would hate to get him only to find out he needs TJ surgery
  10. 1.) I'd rather have Angels baseball (even if its terrible right now) than no baseball. I survived the late 80's and early 90's as an Angels fan I can survive this (Unless the Rona gets me) 2.) It's still fun watching Fletch, Trout, Rendon, and I want to see Adell progress 3.) I love baseball
  11. I would prefer the greatest player of this generation and one of the top 5 players in Baseball history to play on my favorite team, so if we could not trade him that would be great.
  12. Yep, it's time to fire Eppler, I think this is the first time I have ever said it seriously.
  13. Not gonna lie, Giants' cardboard fan game is on point.
  14. I mean looking at our Pitching staff: Heaney - Has never been a #1, can't pitch with 2 outs Ohtani - Arm is made of glass Bundy - Pitching above his expectations (except today where he met his expectations for the first time) Teheran - Still in extended spring training. Sandoval - He's Pablo Patrick Sandoval, if he doesnt end up getting Tommy John this season I'd call that exceeding expectations. Bullpen - A bunch of bums Our pitching philosophy isn't the issue, its our shitty pitching staff that's the issue.
  15. Don't we have a different Pitching coach this year though? I mean the coaching staff is completely different from last year, not to mention I doubt Eppler is telling pitchers how to pitch, so this quote is irrelevant.
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