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  1. I second this. I kind of got used to that slight "delay" when it came to the site previously and forgot about it until I noticed how responsive it is now.
  2. Love how "snappy" it is, and a nice streamlined look. Also I get a fancy badge on my logo. Well done Chuck.
  3. I kind of already know where this is going......
  4. I'll take "Things that happen when Chuck hands over the reigns of the Angelswin Twitter account to John Taylor for $500 Alex"
  5. @Stradling @Chuckster70 Yep, I was fooled by a parody Angels PR twitter account, good stuff. I was in the middle of a work meeting right as the trade deadline ended and wanted be on top of things. Narrator: "John was not, on top of things" I deleted the tweet pretty quickly after, although a couple people took notice and had a good laugh at our expense.
  6. Before anyone blames @Chuckster70 for it since he is a Padres fan, I'm the one who posted this Tweet and made the meme. lol
  7. I think he'll be back. I think Arte will see this season as "The Gas Leak" season
  8. Start a player at 2nd with 0 outs and we strike out twice.....yep......
  9. I'm curious how everyone would react if it was GRich coming back.
  10. Well it looks like @Chuckster70 N.L. team is going all in this season, love seeing the Padres roll the dice to contend with the Doyyers
  11. Canning looking good right out of the gate. Lets go for 4 in a row!
  12. Agreed. If I come across an overtly political comment on this thread I'm going to delete it.
  13. Thanks Strad, I saw Covid IL and thought we traded for someone who tested positive for Covid and would have to sit out for at least 2 weeks.
  14. Question for @Jeff Fletcher Is putting someone on the IL for Covid protocols part of the safely protocols you would expect to see when trading for someone from another team? And does that mean he has to quarantine for a certain amount of days before he can play?
  15. This makes no sense unless Eppler either: A.) Trades everyone to the A's and then hopes they hire him. B.) Never wants to work in the MLB again.
  16. Hey that might have been Upton's best swing all season.
  17. I just wish Politics would stay out of Sports (I am keenly aware of the fact politics and sports have always had some sort of intertwining) I get the sense, especially with social justice warriors everywhere, that it is becoming taboo in the public sphere to be "happy" or enjoy something when something else bad (that is logistically unrelated) happens. I feel like guilt is being forced upon me from everywhere and that I am no longer being allowed enjoy anything, and no I don't mean "White guilt" (I'm Mexican) I mean being made to feel guilty for being alive somedays. Also for
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